No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0411

Jack’s mouth twisted into a bitter smile when he noticed the sunglasses on their face.

“What do you know? Keeping a low profile is what we want, especially our beloved noble-born second daughter of Master Drake, Miss Tanya, is easily spotted by the public when stepping into the outside world!” Yvonne blurted.

“Don’t worry! Even if you’re recognized, you are safe with me!” Jack took off the sunglasses that were hanging on their nose bridge. “You look so much better right now!” He complimented.

Their cheeks were suddenly kissed pink upon hearing the compliment that was bestowed upon them.

“Hmph! And I thought you didn’t know how to appreciate our beauty!” Yvonne felt a little unconvinced as her memory went back to the day when Jack told her that she was not as pretty as his wife.

“I am, too, a human being. I naturally know how to appreciate good-looking things!” Jack forced a smile, and continued, “Let’s move! Where should we go for dinner? Which grand six-star hotel?”

Yvonne and Tanya briefly exchanged glares and chuckled mysteriously.

“This time we will bring you to some roadside food stalls, gulping down crayfish and river snails, and bottoming up to some cold beers, sounds good?” Tanya responded with her lips curled upward. “To lay low, we will only be driving an Audi A6.” She added.

“Audi A6, to lay low…” Jack was tongue-tied. “I think only ‘going on foot’ could bring out the definition of keeping a low profile.” He voiced out.

“Walking? Not a bad idea! It’s not far anyway. Let’s go for a stroll!” Tanya exclaimed excitedly at Jack’s suggestion. “But you will need to send us back later on. We’ll be drinking and it won’t be safe for the two of us to come back on foot!”

“Don’t you worry, as your bodyguard, I will ensure your safety and send you back home safe and sound!” Jack lit up a smoke, took a long draw as he spoke. “Let’s go! I really miss all those roadside food stalls!”

Although the surroundings of these food stalls were sometimes unsafe and complicated, the food tasted good and they were cheap! It was suitable for a large crowd gathering. Of course, Jack and his comrades did not overeat and drink. They ordered a little bit of everything and started drinking. The ice-cold draft beer was relatively inexpensive during the summer season! It was best to have a cold beer in summer.

At that time, they were not preoccupied with anything—their parents were healthy, they had good food, and so on. They would even peek at some beautiful women who were dressed in refreshing and alluring summer clothes!

However, little did they know…

“Come on! There is one place that Yvonne and I always pay a visit to. I haven’t been there for quite a while!” A big smile appeared on Tanya’s face. She strode before them and led the way.

“I didn’t expect that Miss Tanya would go to such a place to eat! I thought the grand hotel is only on your list!” Jack looked at Tanya and some thoughts popped up in his mind—Tanya was not as squeamish as other rich girls.

“Our family wasn’t born rich before, okay? I experienced some hard times when I was young!” She rolled her eyes at Jack’s remark. It only took a short while for the three of them to arrive at a roadside food stall outside an old community.

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