No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0412

“Oh my! The two belles, it’s been a long time since both of you pay a visit to my stall! It’s an honor to have you here!” The bald-looking stall owner approached Tanya and Yvonne with a big smile once he spotted them from afar. The boss looked particularly hearty!

“Come, over there, the corner of the compartment is vacant; it’s your favorite spot!” The boss chuckled as he rubbed his baldhead.

However, his facial feature changed a little when he noticed the presence of Jack. “Hey, little belle, is this man your boyfriend? He is good-looking, and holds a manly essence.” He asked. “Oh man, look at his stature, firm and solid! Looks like this young man served as a soldier before, right?” He continued.

This little belle was quite rich according to the memory that he stored in his brain. Although he was not close with these two beauties, they used to come for dinner along with seven to eight bodyguards by their side. Those bodyguards would wait for them on the side of the road outside the compartment. Moreover, these two belles visited his stall so many times, but they have never brought any man here.

This was the first time that the owner saw the two bringing a man over. And it happened that Jack was standing next to Tanya, the gap between them was small, hence the owner naturally thought that Jack was probably Tanya’s boyfriend!

Other than that, whenever Tanya and Yvonne came over for a meal, they were very generous to the owner! When the meal only cost two to three hundred dollars, the two would place a few hundred extra dollars on the table before they left! Of course, the owner would want such generous customers to come over and over again!

“What nonsense are you talking about? He’s not!” Tanya’s cheeks turned pink immediately, and she shot a deadly glare at the boss. “Give us a few kilos of crayfish and a big portion of river snails!” She placed the order.

“Got it! I’ll send some icy-cold beer for y’all as well!” The boss left the table with a big bright smile hanging on his face.

“Hmmm. It looks like you two can really drink. The boss even knows how many beers he’d have to send to you!” Jack commented, smiling. The three of them quickly sat down and rested.

“Although I can hold my liquor well, I can’t even compare myself with sis Yvonne! She never gets drunk!” Tanya burst out laughter.

“It’s not as exaggerated as you described! But, under normal circumstances, I can hold my alcohol longer than several men added up!” Yvonne gave a small smile, facing Jack.

“try to drink as little as possible, especially if you’re a girl. It’s bad if you’re drunk!” Jack chortled and gave a friendly reminder out of kindness.

However, he did not expect Yvonne to be upset about it. “Hmph! It depends on the individual not on gender, okay? A good drinker like me can defeat several men easily! And I still can go for a lot more rounds after they’re all lying on the ground, throwing up like a baby.” Yvonne retorted. “Girls like Tanya, who can only have two or three beers, should be extra careful!”

Yvonne held up her words for a moment, and continued, “But there’s nothing Tanya should be afraid of, after all, she always has bodyguards by her side!”

“Actually, I don’t prefer to be accompanied by a group of bodyguards whenever I go out, but my dad said for the sake of my safety, bringing bodyguards is a must, even if its only a few of them.” Tanya flashed a wry smile, commented.

She turned toward Jack, smiling. “Thanks to Jack’s strength though. I can bring only one bodyguard with me when I go out now. Besides, he doesn’t dress like a bodyguard. Thanks to him, we can finally lay low and live an ordinary life in this society!”

“Wow, I never expected Miss Tanya longs to live an ordinary life!” Jack was slightly taken aback.

“It’s fun and nice to experience ordinary life sometimes. Trust me, sometimes you will be annoyed when you have a group of men following behind you!”

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