No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0414

“Don’t worry. I believe in myself! The person who can get me drunk hasn’t been born yet!” Jack responded, with a gentle and soft smile on his face.

“Alright then. You guys go ahead and drink first. I will call Harvey and the others to come and pick us up if you get drunk. Although it’s not far from here, it’s better to be careful!” Tanya sighed bitterly after giving some thoughts to the situation.

“C’mon, let’s have a toast! And Tanya you just have whatever you like!”

Clink! Yvonne raised her beer glass and touched Jack’s, smiling softly.

After that, she took out another four hundred dollars and said to the two waiters next to their table, “Come here, these are the tips for two of you, two hundred each! But make sure our glasses are full of beer, you have to fill them up immediately right after we have emptied them, got it? It shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

The two waiters before Yvonne did not expect her to be so generous. They could barely conceal their delight that they kept nodding their head right after Yvonne finished her speech. “Not a problem, miss! We will definitely not let you wait!”

One of the waiters then pushed the big beer barrel over and put it next to Yvonne’s table, “Now you should rest assured that we will fill up your glasses once you emptied them!”

“How smart!” Yvonne gave a thumbs up to the waiters, and then lifting her glass, gulping down the beer.

It took only around ten seconds for Yvonne to empty her big pint of beer!

“Are you afraid now? Huh?” Yvonne prevailed over Jack before the competition started. She took a crayfish and ate it. “It’s better to eat something. Eat some crayfish and river snails! Don’t leave your stomach empty before you get drunk!”

Jack chuckled, lifted his beer glass and swallowed it. It took around the same time as Yvonne to empty the glass. He could actually finish a glass of beer that contains two and a half bottles of beer in 10 seconds!

“Wow, not bad!” Yvonne was amazed by his speed, he took actually about the same time as she did! Yvonne’s eyes suddenly brighten up, “This is interesting! It looks like you should be able to hold on for a white, right? However, I really want to see how long you can hold your liquor!”

Jack, too, took a crayfish and ate it. “It tastes good, let’s continue!” He commented, smiling.

Jack hauled up his pint again, gobbling the beer down without hesitation after clicking his glass with Yvonne’s.

“Jesus Christ! They bottom up so fast!”

“Yeah, they’re incredibly fast! If I take two of those, I’ll be tipsy soon in a while!”

There was a table with a few men sitting next to Yvonne’s table. They stayed stunned and puzzled at the scene.

On the other hand, Yvonne, of course, did not show any weakness. When Jack started to drink, she at the same time lifted up her glass and started to drink. The two put down their glass at the same time!

“Carry on!” After Yvonne put down the first glass, she immediately took another and started guzzling it!

Jack totally did not expect that Yvonne could hold her liquor well. Not bad! It seemed that he had met a worthy opponent this time round. The two lifted another, drank them, and put them down.

“Lovely Yvonne, have something, otherwise, if you get drunk without eating anything, the food would go to waste!” Jack gave her a smile, then a kindly reminder before he took another piece of crayfish and devoured it.

“I think you’re a little tipsy right now, and that’s why you want to slow it down, am I right?” Yvonne laughed heartily at Jack’s words. Looking at the situation, she predicted that Jack would not be able to hold on any longer.

Jack heaved a deep sigh. “Well, I can’t help it if you want to think so!”

After the two had eaten for a while, Yvonne could not wait any longer and held up another glass of beer, again. “We have rested for so long, can we just continue?”


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