No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0500

Selena was completely charmed by what Jack had just said. She could feel that the statement came directly from the bottom of his heart. The tone of his voice did not sound like he was lying. She might have misunderstood him if that were the case.

However, if it was not a misunderstanding, and since Jack loved money so much, why would he not pick Sharon. Since Sharon was not only pretty, she was young too. She had not even dated anyone before. Such a pure innocent lady would be much better than any wealthy woman, right?

Selena seriously wondered if she had actually misunderstood Jack. It might be quite possible that Ivan, Neil, and the others had intentionally laid a trap for Jack to strain their relationship. Jack might not have even gone to the auction house today and went to work. Perhaps the staff at the auction house were all bribed by Ivan and the others to intentionally say that. That was because Ken and the others were no fools. They could have guessed that she might secretly go to the auction house to confirm it for herself. Hence, they laid a trap for her, too.

‘Forget it, we’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it. I’ll just wait for him to explain it to me on his own!’ Selena thought to herself.

Selena calmed herself down for now. Since she did not allow Jack to touch her anyway, she would just continue living her life like this. She should be able to find out real soon if that was in fact, a trap set by Ivan and the others.

Fiona grew incredibly furious as she said, “You, you’re pathetic!”

“Mom, what does me being pathetic have anything to do with the whole thing? Also, I’ll never be with Sharon!” Jack replied after letting out a bitter chuckle.

“Don’t be hasty and refuse her just yet! Listen to me, Sharon happens to be the only daughter of the George family, and after the master of the George family dies, every single asset of the George family will belong to Sharon! Sharon is more than willing to marry you and be your mistress. She’ll be extremely obedient to you. That means, in the future, all of the George family’s assets will be yours! Our family will be rich! Wouldn’t that mean that my daughter, Selena’s father, and I would be able to live a happy life, then?” Although she was incredibly furious, Fiona still tried to keep herself calm while she advised Jack with a smile.

“Have Ben marry her then, wouldn’t that be better?” Jack chuckled coldly before walking toward the house. He said, “I’ll be taking a shower now. Please stop trying to convince me about this in the future, mom. I’ll never agree to it.”

“I wish she’d like Ben, too, but she doesn’t like my son. What can I do?” Fiona yelled at Jack with a cold expression, “Think about it. You’d come out of it a hundred million dollars richer!”

“Mom, stop trying to persuade him. Relationships are not to be forced. If he likes Sharon, then it’s fine. However, he doesn’t even like her in the slightest. How do you expect him to marry her? He isn’t going to be happy like this!” Selena felt helpless as she stared at her mother.

The George family happened to be a First-Class aristocrat family. For someone that rich who came from such a reputable family to like Jack would be something Fiona might not easily give up on.

As expected, Fiona stared at Selena and spoke with a smile, “Selena, Jack listens to you and his mother the best. I told his mother already to talk to him. You should also do the same. I think he’s just worried that you might be unhappy so he doesn’t dare to agree to Sharon’s advances. Or else, why would any man refuse such an amazing offer, right?”

“This is up to him. Though I’m not against this ordeal, I’m not supporting it either. Which wife would encourage their husband to get a mistress!” Selena rolled her eyes at her mother before returning to her house as well.

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