No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0520

“Oh my god… E—Even King of War Skyler Celestino is here!” One of the assistant commanders took a sharp inhale, shocked when he heard the announcement.

“That’s right. King of War Celestino didn’t even attend King of War Magnus Sutherland’s gathering for the veterans; never did I expect that he’d attend this party!”

A regular soldier standing by their sides even rubbed his eyes before looking at the middle-aged man who walked in from the entrance. There was no mistaking it; it was indeed Skyler Celestino.

This was an 8-star King of War, his position and status much higher than other Kings of War. Apart from that, he had achieved numerous great feats by this time. Even if Quin was in front of him, he would have to address Skyler as his ‘Big Brother’.

This in itself summarized Skyler’s reputation in the public eye.

“It’s to be expected. After all, the Goddess of War is coming too. Skyler Celestino doesn’t like gatherings and has an aloof personality, but he has to give the Goddess of War face! He does admire Goddess of War, Lana Zechs the most!” One of the majors smiled indifferently. “So I’ve anticipated the God of War’s attendance, and sure enough, he’s here!”

Everybody else nodded. They had no idea that so many important people would be here at such a small Taylor family party.

“Grandfather, the people here are all people of high-status!” Ivan was in so much shock that he had no idea who he should talk to first, all to establish an early connection with them.

He was unfamiliar with all these Majors and Marshals, and he had no idea who to talk to.

That went for the 8-star King of War, too. Ivan wanted to get close to them, but he feared he could not strike a conversation with these people. He was already a nerve-wreck, so he dared not step forward. There were too many important people at the Taylor family today, and they had broken his cognition over and over again.

“He’s also here?” Jack was, at that moment, walking with Selena and Kylie in the garden. As he was merely a son-in-law to the Taylor family, it was not his place to welcome important guests. Hence, he was able to use this time to accompany his wife and daughter.

The sight of Skyler at the party, however, made him frown. Skyler was one of the few people who knew his true identity. He had once rescued Skyler during one of their skirmishes on the battlefield. At that moment, the enemy had snapped the string of his mask, and his face was revealed when the mask fell from his face. Hence, Skyler was one of the few people who knew about Jack’s identity as the Supreme Warrior.

Selena noticed the mild distress on her husband’s face as he stared at the King of War. “What happened?” she asked. “Jack?”

Jack immediately turned his head away. “Nothing!”

He immediately changed the subject of their conversation as he spoke, “Honey, do you hate me for buying this villa? The truth is that I’ve made a bet with Ivan Taylor, so to win over him and make him shine my shoes, I…”

Selena rolled her eyes at him playfully. “How could I not hate you? How dare you bought it when it’s so expensive? The price of this villa could buy three of the same villa, right? If it was me, I’d rather lose to Ivan and shine his shoes!”

“That’s a definite no,” Jack quickly defended himself. “I can’t let it go; Ivan has bullied you and Kylie so badly before. I wouldn’t just give it up. I say that the ninety-million price tag was worth it, just to humiliate him!”

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