No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0521

Unable to keep a straight face after hearing Jack, Selena burst into laughter. “I’m just joking!” she spoke, laughing as she did. “How can I be angry at you? I can only imagine Ivan’s face as he wiped your shoes; it must’ve been very interesting. It’s strange, though. Why didn’t you take a photo of such a long-anticipated scene with your phone and share it with me? You should’ve shared the fun with me!”

“Hey, I just forgot about it at the time. I promise I’ll take a picture next time!” Jack laughed and pushed the swing in front of him, where Kylie sat giddily.

Swung together with the swing, Kylie felt like she was flying; as though she was a bird joyfully soaring in the sky. This young girl was finally experiencing the love of her father. Nobody would call her a wild child anymore.

At that moment, a thought occurred to Selena. “Oh, right. What’s your relationship with that rich woman? Will she really be coming over?” she asked. “I had no idea that you’re a Head Commander!”

“Truthfully, I’m much higher than that, but I can’t take my token out. You only need to know that your husband is really powerful, and even the Gods of War had to respect me.” Jack had a tight smile on her face. He could only give his wife a small hint after noting that no one else was around.

“Keep boasting. You’re a head commander, Jack, and it’s not bad for you to have two billion. It’s actually astounding that you became Head Commander within five years!” Selena rolled her eyes at Jack. “I’ve never met the Gods of War. I heard that this Goddess of War is a beautiful woman.”

“Honey, the rich woman they’re talking about is the Goddess of War. I’ve told you before that I know her, and we’re friends!” Jack smiled bitterly. He had said all these before, and he even said that the Nine Great Gods of War were his apprentices. In the end, Selena merely shrugged him off, believing he was pulling things out of thin air.

This was why Jack did not bother bringing it up anymore.

“Really? If that’s the case, are you kept as the Goddess of War’s side piece? If you truly are, then I’d be happy. It’s considered as ‘making a sacrifice for the country’, right?” Selena jokingly teased Jack. Still, it seemed so impossible to her. How was it possible that Jack knew the Goddess of War? After all, many head commanders did not know the Gods of War, let alone be their friends.

It was an incredible feat if one managed to befriend the Gods of War; an achievement worth gloating over.

Jack only told these things to Selena, not to Dennis and the others. It was obvious Jack was afraid that others would expose him, and it would only embarrass him.

“You actually want me to be the Goddess of War’s side piece?” Jack smiled, though dissatisfied. She had taken this joke too seriously.

Jack never had other thoughts about this apprentice of his. Of course, he would admit she looked prettier and sexier after she changed from her army clothing to a more feminine outfit after she left the army. Outside the battlefield, she was much gentler. Nonetheless, Jack only saw her and treated her as his apprentice.

“In your dreams. Even if you’re willing to do it, she isn’t willing for that. She’s the Goddess of War! How would she fall for some married man like you? This is just a joke between us, so don’t get any ideas. If someone overhears us and tattles on us, the Goddess of War might slap you the moment she hears it! By then, your death would be a wronged death!” Selena grinned, her mood seemingly much better.

“Honey, why don’t we move tomorrow in the morning? By that time, there would be lots of rooms there. Didn’t you say that we can’t do it if Kylie sleeps with us? It’ll be only the two of us in that room. Can we…” Jack spoke, trailing off.

“You pervert! So the real reason why you bought this house in such a hurry was for… Hmph! I wouldn’t give chances to a person with impure motives like you!” Selena’s blush seared across her face. Despite turning her head to the other side in a form of disagreement, it felt as though there were butterflies in her belly.

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