No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0523

Quin, who was by his side, looked to where he looked at and laughed. “You’re talking about that person? I know him: He’s the son-in-law who married into the Taylor family. That woman, on the other hand, is Selena Taylor. She was the obsession of many rich young masters in Eastfield and was even dubbed the province’s ‘Number One Beauty’. However, for reasons I don’t know, they got married!”

“How could it be? Is he truly just a son-in-law married into the wife’s family?” Skyler frowned. He could no longer see Jack’s side-profile as he had turned around.

Still, he was convinced that this man’s figure was too much of a match with ‘that’ man’s figure.

“Yes, and he so happens to be a veteran as well. He’s been in the army for five years and is only a normal soldier. I’m not entirely sure about the details, though. My ex-subordinate, Dennis, is more familiar with him!” Quin added nonchalantly.

“Five years?” Skyler’s frown grew deeper when he heard this. “The Supreme Warrior supposedly stayed in the army for five years, too!”

“Yes. I remembered that I entered the army in later days and was there for three years. That time, I heard about a young man utterly skilled on the battlefield. Rapidly scaling up the ranks, he became Head Commander in just two years on the battlefield, and I heard that he only got better and better. He wore a mask shaped like a dragon’s face and was to be honored as the Supreme Warrior! There was supposed to be an official announcement about this, but for some unknown reasons, they canceled it. This man’s identity was left unknown, protected by his anonymity.”

Quin began to lament as well. “The world should know the name of such a powerful person. Everybody called him ‘Dragon of Daxia’ on the battlefield because he was the soul of Daxia. That title was bestowed to him because of his dragon mask, but not many people know his actual name!”

“Exactly. He’s too bright, and his existence is godlike!” Skyler exclaimed. A thought then occurred to him as he added, “I remembered that his surname is White, but I don’t know his full name. He became the only Supreme Warrior one year ago, and everybody addressed him as Supreme Warrior!”

“You know that his surname is ‘White’?” Quin spoke as he laughed at his own ignorance. “I don’t even know his surname! I only know that he’s the Supreme Warrior and was called ‘Dragon of Daxia’!

“Now that everyone has retired from the army, our chances of seeing the Supreme Warrior slimmed down significantly. He seems to have retired into the forest and became a dragon slumbering in private. Since he doesn’t like to be disturbed, then let him be!” Quin spoke before a sigh escaped his lips. “My only wish is that I want to see what the Supreme Warrior looks like, just once. My life would be complete if I do. Alas, I’ve never seen him, let alone see his actual face. This is my only regret.”

“By the way, Quin, do you know that man’s surname?” Skyler’s eyes kept focusing on Jack’s back. The more he looked at him, the more he looked like the Supreme Warrior. This caused him to wonder.

“Him? Why are you interested in him? His surname is White, and his name is Jack White,” Quin answered nonchalantly.

“His surname is White and his name is Jack White…?” Skyler trailed off. “And he’s only a normal soldier after being on the battlefield for five years? Could it be…?”

Skyler eyed his surroundings before he slowly confessed, “Brother, I don’t want to hide this from you, but I’ve seen the Supreme Warrior’s face. There was a moment when his mask fell during a skirmish, and I caught a glimpse of his face for a good two seconds before he placed it back on.”

Once he heard this, Quin inhaled sharply through gritted teeth. “King of War Celestino, I envy you so much,” he muttered. “You actually saw his face under the mask. I really envy you!”

Lips formed into a tight smile, Skyler then added, “And there’s one more thing… I can see that the Taylors’ son-in-law has a similar back figure and side-profile with the Supreme Warrior!”


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