No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0524

Skyler’s words stunned Quin for a good seven to eight seconds.

Eventually, the corners of his mouth twitched. “Who did y—you say he looked like? The Supreme Warrior?”

“Yes, he looks very much like him. His side-profile and back figure looked very similar. I remembered that this was how the Supreme Warrior looked!” Skyler looked at Jack standing at the garden not too far away. Skyler’s eyes never left Jack’s figure the moment he got that epiphany—the revelation that these two men seemed to look alike.

“How’s that possible? There are so many people that look like one another. It feels surreal to even think he’s the Supreme Warrior. He’s just a normal soldier!” Quin laughed and patted Skyler’s shoulder. “I think that you’ve gone crazy from thinking about the Supreme Warrior, but I get you. I also want to see his elegant demeanor in person too!”

“Quin Hayes, everybody says that you’re quite the airhead, and I now feel that way as well. Can’t you use your brain and think?” snapped Skyler. “We all know that the Supreme Warrior’s surname is White, and strangely enough, this son-in-law also has the same surname. Moreover, the Supreme Warrior stayed on the battlefield for five years, and this young man was also on the battlefield for the same duration. Do you think these things are purely out of coincidence?”

“Isn’t t—this normal?” came Quin’s meek reply, hands splayed out as though defending himself.

“You’re right, absolutely right. It’s normal if all of this is coincidental and it would be explainable.” Skyler nodded before adding, “Then why do you think the Goddess of War will personally come and congratulate Old Master Taylor for his birthday? Do you think that it’s for Old Master Taylor? Will you say she’s just giving him face? They didn’t know each other before this, so this is definitely not the case!”

When he felt his excitement was getting the best of him, Skyler paused for a moment. “That’s why I feel that Goddess of War Lana is here because she’s indirectly honoring the Taylor family’s son-in-law. It’s more than likely that he’s the Supreme Warrior. Do you think that the Goddess of War would honor and proactively please anyone else?”

As he heard all these, Quin then attempted to connect the dots, a frown on his face as he did.

It was not long before a snicker escaped him. “Brother Celestino, you’re worrying too much! It’s a shame you didn’t join the veteran’s gathering that Magnus Sutherland held. That day, the Goddess of War was also there and, later on, killed Master Miller and Magnus. Do you know about this?”

Skyler nodded. “I’ve heard about this. I regretted it so much. I would’ve gone had I known she would come.” Skyler paused here before he continued, “I didn’t go because I sensed Magnus had changed, and not for the best. He wasn’t the man who loved his soldiers like his own son, and he was no longer the kind man he was once known for. He might’ve done many bad things in secret but nobody could prove it. It was only for the best that the Goddess of War got rid of such a danger to society.”

“I second that. I had no idea that Magnus Sutherland was someone like this. He wanted to do unspeakable things to those two female celebrities,” Quin lamented. “When they refused, he forced them to…”

Quin trailed off before he added, “This incident happened because Jack saw it. He knew he was no match for Magnus, so he searched for Dennis and the two of them thought of a way together. Eventually, they called for the Goddess of War, Lana. It so happened that she was nearby, so she rushed over and killed this bastard. Thankfully, the two female celebrities were saved before they were raped.”

Skyler frowned. “So you’re implying that the reason Lana would do Jack a favor was that he exposed Magnus for what he was doing?” he surmised. “And that’s why she would be coming to Old Man Taylor’s seventieth birthday?”

Quin nodded. “Yes, it surely feels like it. This is the reason the Goddess of War would be here. The others should think this way too!”

Skyler merely laughed. “I feel like it’s just too much of a stretch that she’d be coming only for that reason!” He then eyed Jack, who stood in the garden still. “Let’s go and take a look. I only need to take a look and I’d know if he’s the Supreme Warrior. After all, I’ve seen the Supreme Warrior before.”


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