No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0553

“No way. You’re too cruel, dear, telling me to stop at this moment. Didn’t you promise me this after I’ve fulfilled the three things I had promised myself? Besides, the thing with the rich woman was a complete misunderstanding. We’ve proven that she’s a God of War—she’s my friend!”

Jack was speechless for a moment. How could he hold his culminating desire in before such a beautiful woman—his wife, no less?

He never thought that Selena would give a soft smile instead, her face right below his. “Idiot. I didn’t say that you couldn’t proceed. I just wanted to ask if you have a lot of scars on your body,” she said. “I heard that when a military man goes shirtless, scars line their entire body—their back, their chest. And it is shocking at first sight. It’s really not easy for you to survive after five years on the battlefield!”

Jack was taken aback. “So you won’t like me if I have a lot of scars?”

This was a serious question here.

“Of course, I’ll still like you. I go along with whomever I marry, remember? And you’re my man. How could I not like you?”

Selena sat up. She shyly pried the buttons on Jack’s shirt open. “I just want to take a look at the scars on your body. You must have gone through a lot on the battlefield. Whatever we suffer here is nothing compared to what you’ve gone through.”

Jack never expected Selena to say such sweet, considerate words. His heart of iron melted immediately; an indescribable warmth spread throughout him.

“I told myself that I had to live—for you, and for my mother!” He stroked his wife’s head, his eyes filled with gentleness.

At last, the final button on his shirt was undone. His abdomen was packed to the teeth with pure muscle; it lashed the eyes of anyone who saw it, and it emanated a frightening aura of violence.

Selena was slightly surprised by the sight of his muscles; anxiety tightened its grip over her heart.

However, surprise also flashed across her eyes. “No way. You don’t have a single scar on you?” After she said that, she pushed Jack’s shirt back and got him to turn around.

“No way. There’s nothing on your back either! Are you that strong, dear? You’ve never suffered a single injury for all the five years you were on the battlefield?”

She was extremely taken aback. She never thought that his body would be completely devoid of scars. His skin was perfectly unmarred, and it shocked her to no end.

Jack flashed a bitter smile. It was not that he had never gotten injured, but because he was very skillful in the medical area that his scars had gone a long time ago.

However, he raised his right arm anyway. “See? There’s a scar here!”

Indeed, there was a scar the size of a thumb on his underarm.

“Why–why does this scar look so strange?”

Selena was shocked after she saw that.

That was because she noticed that the scar on his arm actually looked like an odd-shaped puzzle—as if it was an imprint of a fish scale that had dropped off.

“That isn’t important!” Jack chuckled and pinned Selena onto the bed. “You’ve already taken my shirt off, dear. Should I help you with yours?”

She was extremely embarrassed. She turned her head and stared to the side. “Pervert!”

“Didn’t you make the first move?” Jack coughed for a bit, then lowered his lips to Selena’s.

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