No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0590

“Oh my god, it’s actually true? It’s the Supreme Warrior? He saved my life previously!” Elaine jumped up in excitement. “I’ve never seen him in person. I didn’t think I’d get to see the Supreme Warrior’s elegant demeanor with my very own eyes!”

“Yes! It’s the Supreme Warrior. Luckily, I decided to become one of the ten bodyguards. If not, I would’ve definitely regretted it. It’s such an honor to be able to become his bodyguard and service him!” Orchid’s eyes lit up with happiness. She was a female major and right now, she had turned into a fan. “I’d die willingly if I could stay by the Supreme Warrior’s side and see his true appearance!”

Another girl blushed. “It’d be even better if we could bathe and sleep with the Supreme Warrior!”

“What are you guys saying? You guys are there to work as bodyguards. I’m not asking you to be his maid and accompany him on his bed!” Skyler was speechless. He had no idea that these people would have such extreme reactions after learning that they were going to work as the Supreme Warrior’s bodyguards.

However, he thought about how excited he was when he discovered Jack was the Supreme Warrior, and that he was a King of War at a certain age. He also took some time before he managed to calm down himself which was not too long ago. It was normal for these twenty-something-year-old girls to be excited.

The Supreme Warrior was idolized by all soldiers. It had already reached a point where they blindly idolized him. How could the girls not be excited once they knew that they would be working as the Supreme Warrior’s bodyguards?

“Great! I wonder what the Supreme Warrior looks like. Is he handsome? Is he married? Who is he? Is he in Eastfield? Why didn’t we hear about this previously?”

“Oh my god, has he just reached this place? Why haven’t we heard about this? What’s his name? We only know that he’s the Supreme Warrior!” Another girl was so excited, she almost went crazy. She paced back and forth, occasionally jumping in excitement.

“Stop, stop! I’m not asking you people to go on dates. Why are you all so excited? You’re there to work as bodyguards! Bodyguards!” Skyler was speechless. He wondered if it was a good idea to let these women work as Jack’s bodyguards. Would it affect the Supreme Warrior’s normal life?

“Master, you’re the best! How do you know him? Oh my god, I’m going to be the Supreme Warrior’s bodyguard? Oh my god, I can boast about this for an entire lifetime!” the young girl, known as Elaine, yelled in excitement. The ten pretty women in front of him seemed to have gone crazy. These ladies may not be as pretty as Selena and the rest, but they were still quite pretty. It seemed to be a team of pretty ladies.

Apart from that, quite a few of them were commanders, with two of them being marshals. Such combat ability was incredibly scary.

The combat ability of his disciple, Elaine, was also quite high. Although she did not get the position of a commander or a marshal, her combat ability was true. She never liked those positions, so she gave it to the others. The army never gave it to her, too.

“Nevermind, you guys have too many questions. I’m giving you all ten minutes to be excited. I’ll answer the questions one by one once you’ve all accepted this matter and calmed down!” Skyler was speechless when he watched these excited young people. He sat in his chair and took a cigarette out. He started smoking.

The women were very excited, only managing to calm down after some time.

“Master, tell us quickly. Did he just arrive or has he always been in Eastfield?” Elaine asked in anticipation.

“He has always been in Eastfield!”

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