No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0600

At this very moment, Jack was at the shopping mall and had purchased many clothes for Joan. They also bought additional gold jewelry, gold earrings, and jade bangles. After a makeover, Joan’s natural gentle elegance began to shine.

“Not bad, not bad. Let’s get this necklace, too. Just swipe the credit card!”

Jack nodded satisfactorily and called for the receipts immediately.

“Stop buying things, you’ve been spending too much money. Son, a penny earned is a penny saved. You don’t have that much cash on hand with you. You and Selena are both still young, there will be many areas where you’ll need to spend. Kylie’s still young, and you may have more children. There’ll be more and more expenses. Plus, you’ve just hired so many staff at home…so many bodyguards. All of this will cost a large sum of money…”

Old habits die hard for Joan, and she still felt the pinch when Jack spent money. Today was a day where he had spent way too much on her.

“Mother, don’t worry. I don’t lack money!”

Jack took their purchases and followed Joan out. “Okay, I’ll stop shopping. Let’s go home. Mother, even if I wanted to buy the whole Drake family, it wouldn’t be a problem. Do you still think I lack money?”

Although Jack didn’t want to go into too much detail about how much money he had, he needed to say something that would make his worried mother feel at ease.

When Joan heard that, she took a deep breath and asked with a tremble in her voice, “That can’t be. Son, are you really that rich? Is this for real? Don’t lie to me.”

Jack laughed. Holding his mother’s shoulders, he said, “Mother, please, stop worrying. I’m just giving you a sense or an estimation so you’ll feel at ease. Please, rest assured, your son is truly amazing. In the future, don’t hold back. Just spend the money however you wish. You don’t need to treat yourself like you did before. I’m your only close relative. I just want you to live a good life. That would make me feel at ease!”

Jack paused and said, “I don’t wish to tell anyone this. Firstly, I just want to live a peaceful life and I don’t want to draw attention to myself. After all, the tree attracts the wind. Secondly, you’ve seen what my mother-in-law is like. If she knew how rich I was, the whole world would know about it in two days!”

After listening to Jack’s words, Joan nodded with satisfaction and said, “My son has really grown up and become an accomplished man. He’s even become more calm and steady. A man who knows the value of restraint will be able to accomplish even greater things. My son, good job, you’re my pride!”

“Mother, please, stop complimenting me. When I was on the battlefield, there were so many times I almost died, especially last year. It truly was an extreme danger! However, I kept thinking of you and Selena waiting for me at home. That was the reason why no challenge could hold me back, and I overcame it all!” said Jack, laughing with gratitude.

“Mm!” Joan nodded and said, “Jack, Selena is a great girl. You must treasure her. There have been so many rich young men trying to get close to her in recent years, trying to find a way to her heart. Faced with so many temptations, she was faithful and rejected them all. This type of girl is not easy to find!”

“Mother, please, don’t worry. I already told you that we’ll be hosting a grand banquet for her birthday!” said Jack.

The sky was getting darker. That night, the Xenos family of Sky City could no longer sit still.

“Master, what should we do? Is the young master still uncontactable?”

Next to the head of the Xenos family, an old man frowned slightly, worry lines appearing on his face.

Drag Xenos nodded and said, “I haven’t been able to reach him since yesterday afternoon. I’ve asked the staff, all the bodyguards that went out with him are also uncontactable!”

At this point, his expression grew darker. He choked slightly and said, “I suspect that something has happened to them.”

“No way!”

As the others heard this, they became frightened.

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