No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0603

“It’s nothing!” Ben smiled awkwardly and continued eating.

“You look good!” Jack also smiled. “But those words on your chests, ‘the Bodyguards of the Taylor Family’, that’s too attention-grabbing. It’s like you’re trying to tell everyone that the Taylor family has bodyguards!”

“Does it matter? We’re rich now. Isn’t it normal to hire bodyguards?”

Fiona grinned. “We’ll be going to the countryside for a picnic tomorrow, but since Jack is coming with us, you all won’t have to come along. You’ll only have to follow us if Xena and I go out shopping in the afternoon! Just two of you will do. It’ll be too striking if too many of you were to come!”

“Yes, ma’am. Then we’ll take our leave and patrol the area!”

Elaine smiled and brought her bodyguards out.

“Yay! We’re going out tomorrow!” Kylie was extremely elated, her gaze filled with anticipation.

After dinner, Kylie returned to her room to rest.

Meanwhile, Jack and Selena took a shower and laid on their bed.

“We can’t let Kylie know what happened this morning. She’d be worried!” Selena spoke after thinking about it.

Jack nodded. “Agreed. I never thought Quil would be so bold. Never mind that he lashed out against me, he even hired people to kidnap you and Xena—and even Mother!”

A frown formed between Selena’s brows. “Now, Quil is dead. I did some digging of my own and found out that there are two Xenos families in Sky City, and they’re both pretty strong. We don’t know which family he belongs to, but it doesn’t matter. They’ll probably come to you for revenge once they find out that you killed Quil!”

After she said that, Selena thought about it for a while before she added, “Dear, did you hire so many bodyguards because you were worried about this?”

Jack looked at her picture-perfect face before him. “I hired them because I’m worried about you and your mother’s safety the next time you go out. Besides, we’re rich now. It’s normal to hire bodyguards!”

Here, he paused for a bit before continuing nonchalantly, “As for the Xenos family, don’t worry about that. It won’t be easy for them to find out the truth since I took no prisoners. Besides, there’s always a solution to a problem. If we really can’t avoid conflict, I’m pretty good friends with the Goddess of War—we can go to her for help!”

Selena’s anxiety finally eased after she heard what her husband said. She bobbed her head. “By the way, Xena’s really weird. She’s never initiated a family outing before, and even if she did, it’d usually just be her and Ben. Why would she think of including us in her plans this time?”

Jack’s brows furrowed. “You also thought it was strange, dear? I thought so, too. Seems like Xena did a one-eighty flip. Perhaps she’s in a good mood today because I gave her one million dollars?”

Selena’s expression darkened when she heard that. “She’s definitely seeing a man on the side while using my brother as a cover,” she said, vexed. “Didn’t we say that we’d find that man and break my brother’s heart once we had evidence? Why did you go and give her money instead?”

After she said that, she rolled her eyes at Jack. “Don’t tell me that you gave her money because she’s good-looking?”


Jack did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Not only is she unattractive compared to you, but she’s also unattractive even compared to Sharon. Why would I give her money because she’s good-looking? It’s like this…”

Selena’s anger only abated after she listened to Jack’s explanation. “So you’re trying to get her to lower her guard and reveal her true colors later on!”

Jack nodded. “But I still don’t get why she suddenly asked us all to go out!”

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