No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0650

“Alright, kid, you’re really something. We’ll give you this nine hundred fifty thousand dollars today!”

The man with the buzz cut really could not believe the blasphemy coming out of Jack’s mouth. He threatened, “We’ll see you at Green Hall tomorrow. If you don’t show up, we’ll know what you’re made of!”

The man with the buzz cut transferred the money to Tiger. He paused and continued, “If you don’t show up, don’t blame us the Green Hall men for stirring up some trouble with your dear little friend and his wife. I’m telling you, this woman is surely something. Just from patting her earlier, I got a little excited.”

Jack smiled cooly and sharply kicked in between the man’s thighs.


The man’s voice cracked and kneeled on the floor painfully.

“I let you go this time and you still dare to clamor and hoot? Don’t even think of any women in the future. You think I can’t live up to my word?” Jack could have let bygones be bygones. It was a small matter to get them to compensate the money. What more, he had promised Selena that he would not be stirring up trouble and that he just wanted to live a peaceful life.

He could not have imagined that this rascal would even dare to insult them this way, did he have a death wish? He felt that he could not go soft on them, since the other party still thought that they were pushovers.

“Brother Luca!” His underlings were scared. They did not imagine this kid to be so cruel and kicked Luca’s private part. Brother Luca yelled and passed out. His men picked him up and carried him away.

“Impossible!” the boss of the restaurant next door was also scared. He did not think that Tiger could be connected to such a skilled fighter, what more a skilled fighter that had no fear for the Green Hall or even Kingston Hall!

Most importantly, this man could even beat up Brother Luca to a pulp-was not this asking for it from Green Hall?

“You! Come here…”

He was discovered by Jack. Jack looked at him and gestured for him to come over.

“Bro-brother, are you looking for me?”

The boss looked around him and saw that he was the only man there. He was petrified and did not dare to go over.

He was just an ordinary businessman. He expected Brother Luca to take care of it for a hundred thousand dollars. Seeing as even Brother Luca was beaten to a pulp, how would he dare to go over?

“Not coming? Do you wish to die?” Jack asked casually.

The boss felt his legs going soft and he gulped. He walked toward Jack grudgingly. As he arrived before Jack, his brow was already sweating buckets.

“Hey, handsome man, what do you need from me?”

The boss took out a cigarette and shakily passed it to Jack. His hand was shaking so much that he dropped the cigarette midway.

“I don’t want cigarettes, I’m not interested!” Jack smiled cooly. He said, “Close your restaurant tomorrow onward. Otherwise, you’ll upset me!”

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll shut down the restaurant tomorrow. It’s my fault for bad business. I admit my fault now!”

The boss nodded. He was just an ordinary businessman and did not want any trouble. He did not dare to open his mouth and protest, in fear of Jack murdering him. After all, this man before him might have some powerful forces behind him too.

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