No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0685

Jack glanced at Cecilia apathetically, at her feeble attempt of a comeback. “Aren’t you afraid that you’d be struck by lightning if you lie without even blinking?”

“You…” Cecilia saw red in an instant. How dare he spoke to her in such a tone! He was increasingly daring.

Old Master Taylor reeled in shock as he glared at Jack “Don’t say things so simply, Jack!” Old Master Taylor then composed himself and wore a smile before turning to the other party. “Old Master Gold, you’ve left the country two months ago, and Jack had just come back one month ago. I suppose you might not understand him well!”

Old Master Gold nodded with a smile. “Yes, I don’t understand him well. I didn’t know he loves to boast!”

The corners of Zeus’s mouth twitched before he replied, “How should I say this? He’s quite well-versed medically, and there are times where he likes to boast. However, I believe that even if the God of War Hays comes here, he wouldn’t kill Jack. After all, he had been on the battlefield on our Daxia’s behalf and is a head commander.”

Old Master Taylor paused for a moment before he continued, “More importantly, Jack once saved the life of the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs. The Goddess of War wouldn’t let the God of War Hays kill Jack, right?”

Old Master Gold frowned after he heard this and blurted, “Wait! Is the Goddess of War also in our Eastfield?”

Old Master Taylor chuckled. “You’ve been out of the country for two months and have just returned from overseas, so you might not know what happened around this one month. Not only is the Goddess of War in Eastfield, but she freely came to my seventieth birthday party.”

“Really? She actually came?” came Old Master Gold’s surprised exclamation.

Understandably, Old Master Taylor became giddy as he shared this story. He poured a glass of wine for Old Master Gold and they clinked their glasses together. “Come. Cheers! I’ll tell you all about it!”

Old Master Taylor soon told about how big a scene his birthday party was, and members of the Gold family listened rather attentively. After all, they had just returned and knew nothing of the occurrences that happened this month.

“Come here, Kylie. Eat more!” Selena placed some food for her daughter onto a plate as she listened on as well.

“I had no idea that the Goddess of War would give the luminous pearl she auctioned worth five hundred million to Jack,” Old Master Taylor concluded. “Jack is also very filial. He gave it to me on my seventieth birthday as my gift!”

Old Master Gold was envious when he heard this. “It seems that this son-in-law of yours is a stellar man. Although he’s only a head commander after five years, he saved the Goddess of War and this brought actual benefits for your family. Now, your family has even become a second-class aristocratic family. He’s a filial child, that’s for sure!”

“That’s right. Being filial is the most important quality for a person! Recently, I’ve placed the luminous pearl beside my pillow every day, and I feel like the quality of my sleep has improved. I used to wake up in the middle of the night or suffer from insomnia, but I don’t have such symptoms now,” beamed Old Master Taylor with a smile. “I now feel that my health and spirit is so much better!”

Old Master Gold’s eyes brightened after he heard this. “Really? Now that’s truly miraculous. Can you show it to us so that we can learn something new?”

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