No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0688

”Change to another day? Why do I need to change my wedding to another day? Why doesn’t your daughter change it to another day?” Cecilia’s expression immediately turned cold after she heard this. She said unhappily, “I chose this date after much effort and thoughts. How can you ask me to simply change it?”

Fiona was not stupid and she realized that the other party was definitely doing this on purpose. She refuted, “That’s my daughter’s birthday. How can she simply change her date? You’re getting married. There’s no difference if you get married a month later or a few days earlier, right?”

“birthdays can be held several days earlier too. Why do I need to make way for her? Is my wedding not as important as her birthday?” It was natural for Cecilia to not want to change her wedding date. She even said, “Her birthday can be celebrated every year but my wedding is only held once. How can I simply change the date?”

Old Master Taylor also frowned and said to Cecilia after he thought about it. “Cecilia, why don’t you slightly change the dates? It’s alright to have the wedding one or two days earlier or later, right? The most crucial thing is, Jack had already advertised Selena’s birthday and everybody in Eastfield already knows about it. He can’t change the date if you ask him to so suddenly!”

“Oh, yes. I almost forgot. We saw the advertisement all over the place on our way here and the advertisement said that he was going to hold a birthday party that stirs the city. I almost forget about it if Old Master Taylor hadn’t mentioned it. This birthday party is being held by your son-in-law for Selena?” The Head of the Gold family realized what was going on. He said with a cold smile. “city stirring? What a tone! I’ll see how you can stir up the city. If you don’t have at least one to two billion or even more, how can you stir up the city?”

“Father, this person is boasting. I think that he has spent lots of money to do the advertisement. How much more does he have? When the time comes, don’t cause embarrassment to the family. That would be a lot of talk and no actions.” Cecilia directly said to the head of the Gold family. “I really want to hold my wedding on that day.”

The head of the Gold family thought about it and said to Jack. “You’re Jack? How about this? I’ll pay whatever amount you paid as your advertisement fee and you give that day to me so I can hold my son’s wedding.”

Kelly also said with a despicable expression on his face. “That’s right. I’m getting married and this might be the only time I’m getting married. It has to be an extravagant event. Your event is just a normal birthday party so you don’t need to snatch the date with us, right?”

“Jack, how much did you spend? If you’ve spent thirty million, ask them for at least fifty million. After all, you still need to ask for payment for the damage to your mental health, right?” Fiona glanced at Jack and asked softly.

Jack smiled calmly, looked at the head of the Gold family, and said, “I’m sorry, Master Gold. I really don’t know how much money was spent so I don’t know how to answer you.”

Before the head of the Gold family could speak, Kelly had already stood up angrily. “Young man, don’t act stupid. You’ve done the advertisement but you don’t know how much you spent? Do you think that we’re stupid? You need to think carefully, if you really want to fight with me because of this, that means that you’re going against the current. Don’t regret whatever you did later on!”

“Young Master Gold, don’t get angry! Don’t get angry!” Fiona was surprised when she saw Kelly getting angrier. She secretly felt that this son-in-law was too disappointing. He actually caused trouble again. Before they came in, she had already ordered Jack to speak less and eat more. She had no idea that Jack would still offend the people of the Gold family.

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