No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0721

“Xena’s got a point, Young Master Clark. You’re overthinking it.” Ivan’s facial expression darkened, just like Xena’s.

Ken offered a small, wary smile before he explained, “I’m only doing things for everyone’s sake. After all, it’s not easy to deal with Jack. We used to think that he was good in martial arts because he was enlisted in military service for five years. How could we have known that he hid his power, the prowess like that of a marshal’s?”

At that moment, Xena recalled something. “I remember something,” she began. “I remember Quil Xenos asked a marshal to fight with Jack, though Jack eventually killed him. I heard that this marshal was Magnus Sutherland’s apprentice who got his title because of Magnus’s influences in the army. Jack said it then that this guy didn’t have the power of a marshal, and that he was lucky to have won over this marshal.”

Xena then surmised, “With this new information, that might not be the case. Even if the marshal was slightly weaker, his capability in fighting shouldn’t be that far off from any other marshal. Jack is definitely a marshal if he’s able to kill that person. Goodness… That guy tricked me into believing his words!”

“This guy hid his true strength well!” Neil exclaimed.

“Let’s recall everything we can confirm. Firstly, Jack has about four to five hundred million dollars with him, and that’s enough for him to host a city-stirring birthday party in Eastfield. We’ve wasted money to do free advertisements for him.

“Secondly, Jack’s strength can be equated to a marshal’s, though he must’ve lost his title due to some unknown reason, so he hid his true identity and strength.

“Thirdly, we can rest assured he’s consumed the poison. Somehow, the poison doesn’t seem to have an obvious effect on him, and he’s still astonishingly strong!” concluded Ken as he eyed everyone in the room. “Alright, tell me now: What should we do next?”

“You guys told us that the poison would take some time to take effect, so it might be normal for us to not see the effect now, right?” started Ivan as he offered his analysis. “The later days will be the most crucial period, and Jack would be physically tortured by then. His body will rot and he’ll die in pain. It might be normal for his fighting ability to still be at its best if you test his condition right now.”

Ken assessed what Ivan had said and nodded in agreement. “It seems that we should stop employing people to test him. Otherwise, we’ll have a repeat of what happened today. We not only lost several people in the fight, but he nearly found me out. It was really not worth it. Let’s just wait patiently for Jack to die during Selena’s birthday.”

Neil also nodded in agreement. “Agreed. He’s poisoned and is a dying man. We don’t need to beat him up to vent our frustrations. After all, if he’s still strong, we’d only suffer a huge loss. Let’s also not forget his guy is really good at planning out things, and you’ve said it yourself that his bodyguards are quite strong. Let’s just patiently wait for another twenty days.”

Xena sipped her red wine, and her lips curled up into a smirk. “I used to think that this guy is a useless son-in-law, but I never thought he’d be so smart and play us like fiddles. Lucky for us, he had drunk the poison. Otherwise, we’d never take him down even with all of us combined.”

“Oh, right. I almost forgot something!” Ivan soon remembered something and his eyes lit up. Guffawing, he boasted, “Even if Jack has the money to give Selena a city-stirring birthday party, he’ll bring nothing but shame to himself!”

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