No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0772

“I’m sorry, sir, but we’re not selling this. Our manager was not clear about this. I apologize for wasting your precious time!”

It was evident that the beautiful manager before him was slightly unhappy, but she knew that not any person could think of buying the Heart of the Abyss. That was why she flashed a radiant smile at Jack.

“Ma’am, this man here is offering us 20 billion dollars. That’s why I wanted to ask you about this. He’s offering a huge sum. What if the people up top consider selling it? I was afraid that you would pin the blame on me if we missed the opportunity!”

Store Manager Lowe’s eyes flickered toward Manager Lynch’s. He spoke hesitantly.

“20 billion?”

Naturally, Manager Lynch was surprised when she heard this number. Her lips parted. This man was offering too much.

This was just a necklace. Was it worth it to spend that much money on it?

The necklace was very beautiful though. Any woman would like it.

“Can you make the decision, Manager Lynch?”

Jack gave a wan smile. “I simply must obtain this necklace!” he added.

“I–I’ll ask the boss at our headquarters. I’ll immediately video call him!”

Manager Lynch gulped and whipped her phone out. She immediately video called her boss.

“Miss Lynch, why are you video calling me? We’re going to put the Heart of the Abyss on display tomorrow. Make sure that you perform your bodyguard duties well, all right? We cannot afford a single mistake!”

An old man with frazzled hair sat on the other end of the line. He chuckled as he spoke, and he looked very approachable.

“Boss, we have a customer here who wants to buy the Heart of the Abyss…”

Manager Lynch looked at Jack, who stood behind her. She angled the phone so that he appeared on the screen as well.

The smile on the old man’s face instantly hardened. “Miss Lynch, the Abyss is worth nine billion, but didn’t I say that its value is worth far more than that?” he answered. “There’s only one of its kind in the entire world. Besides, the Heart of the Abyss is our treasure. It’s not for sale. We won’t be able to find anything to replace it anytime soon. More importantly, this is what we use to promote our store!”

Manager Lynch reacted quickly, as though she understood something. “So what you’re saying is that the Heart of the Abyss holds unparalleled value, right, Boss? Including the advertisements and being our signature product!”

The old man nodded his head. He smiled towards Jack. “First of all, sir, I thank you very much for showing interest in our products, and for admiring the Heart of the Abyss so much. But we cannot simply sell this to you…”

Manager Lynch pondered for a while, then she cut in before the old man could finish his sentence: “But this man is offering us 20 billion dollars, Boss. Are you sure you don’t want to consider his offer?”

The old man on the phone creased his brows, obviously considering the offer.

After a while, he gave a bitter smile. “I’m sorry, sir…”

Jack realized that 20 billion was not enough to persuade the old man, considering how he rejected the offer.

“30 billion!”

Jack took a step forward and told the old man.

The old man was taken aback for a moment. “Sir, you’re really making this difficult for us. There is implicit value in that necklace…”

“40 billion!”

Jack offered again.


The old man was growing speechless…

“50 billion!”

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