No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0811

A cold and mirthless smile twisted on Jack’s mouth. He flipped his palm and dozens of silver needles appeared on his palm. He swung his arm toward the enemy; a horde of men immediately dropped onto the floor, the needles piercing straight through their skulls. More than a dozen men died instantly, and there were a number of elite fighters among them.

“It’s not looking good. Retreat!”

Elder Castellano immediately felt that something was wrong. A swing movement from Jack killed two extremely strong fighters from the Kingston Hall in a blink of an eye. Such terrifying combat prowess was not something they could fight back.

In just a few seconds, more than a hundred of their men were murdered and the number of fallen bodies was still rapidly decreasing. They have brought five hundred men for God’s sake!

A stomp of Jack’s leg sent him to the front of a gate, blocking the route. Lana and Queenie, on the other hand, blocked another two exits. They were blocking every possible escape route, not leaving any chance for them to flee.

Blood splattered. No matter which Hall or Family—Green Sky Hall or Watson family—they were from, their final destination was the same—hell.

“Jack, please, I beg you, please let us go! My-my wife and your mother-in-law are close friends, aren’t they? Not to mention that you and I just had a decent dinner together last night!”

The still-alive Lawrence, watching each and every one of his men fall onto the ground at lighting speed, started to plead for mercy. He was in a complete state of panic that he knelt before Jack.

Jayden, too, plopped onto the ground and begged, “Jack, we were wrong, we know we were completely wrong. Didn’t we just meet last night? Do you want money? I can give everything to you, please spare us!”

Jack stretched out his arm the moment he heard their beseech. The silver needles that dashed through the wind and nailed on a wall afar before, had miraculously ricocheted off the wall and returned into his palm.

“Spare your life? Didn’t you say that the air abroad is sweeter and fresher than the air over here? That you feel disgusted just by breathing in the air of Daxia?”

Jack let out an icy-cold laugh; his sight slowly moved away from Jayden to Lawrence. “And a b*stard like you, who poisoned his own father, is not even qualified to continue living in this world, let alone ‘use’ the air. Let’s be environmentally friendly and not waste the air, okay?”

“I, I didn’t…”

Lawrence was frightened down to the soles of his shoes; his voice was thick with fear. How on earth did Jack find out the poison plan, how did he know about it?

“Your old man has filled me in from A to Z. He tried to stop you from doing this dirty business, that’s why you poisoned him so that he won’t be a thorn in your flesh. Oh, I’ve also informed him that I’ll take your life!”

Jack waved his palm, silver needles flew out again, cutting through the air and piercing through dozens of men of Green Sky Hall who were behind Lawrence and Jayden and not far from his spot. All of them plonked down onto the ground simultaneously in an instant. Jack ended their lives.

After another ten seconds or so, the rest of the men fell one after another. Only Queenie bore a minor surface wound on her arm, whereas the bunch of young girls—hundred or so—crouched on the ground in fear; with their body trembling, their face was ashen, and their eyes were wild with terror.

“These sons of b*tches. How could they…”

Lana was seething with anger at the sight of these weak and powerless young girls.

The three of them quickly came forward before the girls.

“It’s alright now, don’t be afraid! We’re here to save you, you’re free!”

Jack glanced at these girls and finally opened his mouth.

“Really? Oh My God, they’re here to save us! Thank you!”

A woman from the group came forward and plopped onto the ground. She knelt before the three and kept kowtowing, “Thank you! Thank you so much! You’re our saviors!”

“Thank you, thank you, saviors!”

The others imitated the woman; they, too, knelt before the three and kept kowtowing to thank them.

“It’s okay. You’re free, go home now!”

Jack waved his hand, and only then did those women stand up, and one by one, they left the horrific place.

Jack, Lana, and Queenie strode outside the abandoned factory, Jack then lit a fire and burned the entire factory into ashes.

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