No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0819

“I wonder who the extravagant rich person is!” blurted one of the beautiful bodyguards.

“That person truly is a rich person,” Fiona resounded. “It hurts when we compare ourselves with other people. How can they be so rich?! Why is my daughter not fated to marry such a rich person? She’s married to that troublesome Jack, and the money he works hard to get is used to resolve those problems.”

With bitterness looming over her, Fiona eventually left after she walked around for a short while.

She immediately spotted Jack and Selena leisurely drinking coffee upon reaching home, and this caused her expression to turn more sour than it was.

“Jack, there are only a few days till my daughter’s birthday, right? Have you booked the hotel?” Fiona casually dropped her shopping bags at a corner of the room with a cold expression on her face. She walked toward Jack and said angrily. “I’m warning you: If you don’t have the money, it’s best if you don’t try to act like one. You’re our son-in-law, the son-in-law who married into the Taylor family. If you lose face, the entire family will suffer the same fate. Do you understand me?!”

Selena frowned at that moment. “Mother, what’s going on? Why are you still in such a bad mood when you’ve already bought so many things? Did someone step on your tail?” Selena asked calmly when she saw what was going on.

Fiona’s frosty expression, coupled with an equally wintry glare, maintained as she glared daggers at Jack. “Have you booked the hotel?” she repeated.

Jack smiled bitterly. “Mother, don’t you worry about it. I’ve already booked the hotel, and you’ll understand what’s happening in a few more days. I’ll surely keep my promise of surprising Selena!”

Fiona still looked at Jack angrily. “Alright, if you’ve already booked the hotel, tell me which hotel did you book? How many stars does that hotel have?”

Embarrassed, Jack offered a bitter smile as he replied, “Mother, I’ve already told you that it’s a surprise. It doesn’t seem to be a good idea to talk about it now, right?”

“It’s not a good idea, you say?” came Fiona’s anger-laced reply followed by a bitter chuckle. “You must be embarrassed to speak about it because you booked a cheap and lowly hotel!”

“Mother, I don’t really care about these. We don’t have much money now, and although Jack got three hundred million from the Watson family, we still need to be frugal with our expenses and not be too extravagant. Apart from that, Jack and I don’t have a job yet.” Selena smiled calmly and helped persuade Fiona.

Fiona turned to look at Selena upon hearing her reply. “Do you know how Cecilia and Kelly looked down at us when I met them on the streets today? They booked the top floor of a six-star hotel. What’s more, the venue’s rent is already one hundred eighty-eight million, eight hundred and eighty thousand!”

“Oh, I know that place. The hotel is located opposite the seven-star hotel and they’re both right next to each other, right?” Jack could not stamp down his smirk when he heard this. It would definitely be much more shameful for the other party since they chose this particular location. Both venues were right next to each other, and anyone could see the ongoings of the other hotel from the respective venues. By then, Cecilia would definitely regret the choices she made.

“Great! You know that place too!” Fiona was extremely angry. “Don’t do advertisements and say that it’ll be a city-stirring event if you can’t make it happen! I don’t want to be in such a shameful situation like you!”

“Mother, don’t you worry. I promise you that we won’t lose face. By then, you’ll be the most glamorous mother-in-law in the entire world!” Jack smiled confidently.

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