No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0820

“Hmph! I don’t believe in a word you say. I’m warning you: I might attend Cecilia’s wedding if you fail to satisfy me by then. After all, if nobody from our side is attending their wedding, it means that we’re not respecting giving them and the Gold family enough. Do you understand me?” Fiona made a sound of indignation with mouth closed, still not believing in Jack.

“Mother, aren’t you afraid that Cecilia will mock you if you attend their wedding? I’m sure you know her personality well. She’s always looking for chances to look down at our family!” Selena’s face darkened when she heard this and added, “Apart from that, I don’t think that anybody from their family is joining my birthday party. Why should we attend their wedding if they’re not coming to my birthday? Wouldn’t we be asking for it if we do that?”

“Well…” Fiona frowned when she heard what Selena said; she had a point. Based on Cecilia’s behavior, Fiona would definitely be mocked if she attended their wedding.

Fiona paused before she glared at Jack. “It’s all your fault!”

She then picked up what she bought and strode back to her room.

“Honey, ignore what my mother just said. She’s always been a vain person, and she loves to have a sense of proprietary.” Selena smiled apologetically at Jack after Fiona left.

“It’s alright!” Jack laughed before he resumed enjoying his cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, Hector Zaborowski went to the Eagle Clan with a group of bodyguards.

“What a surprise, Master Zaborowski! What is such an honorable man like you doing here at Eagle Clan?” Lee Neuman smiled indifferently as he looked at Hector.

“Master Neuman, can’t I pay you a casual visit in my free time?” Hector smiled hypocritically, and his smile seemed so calm.

Lee inwardly smirked. Although he did not know what happened to Green Sky Hall last night, he knew that Hector was here to work with the Eagle Clan to get rid of Jack.

After all, Lee knew his subordinates killed three people from Hector’s Green Sky Hall two days ago and framed it on Jack. Hector, on the other hand, could not bear the thought of his men being killed.

“I believe that Master Saborowski is here today with an agenda!” Smiling, Lee picked up his cup and calmly drank some tea.

He knew very well Hector was the one who should be panicked, not him.


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