No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0821

Hector gave a sheepish smile as he continued, “By the way, didn’t Master Neuman say that you wanted my help to kill Jack? I informed you back then that the Wilson family harbor quite the hatred for him, too. I wonder, have you contacted the Wilson family? Is there any progress on that?”

Lee knew all too well about Hector’s intention just by listening to him. Hector was still refusing to cooperate with them; he wanted them to do the dirty work for him so he would not need to do anything. The Eagle Clan and Wilson family could work together and helped Hector get rid of Jack.

Lee grinned at him as he replied, “I’ve contacted the Wilson family, and it’s true that they want to kill Jack badly. After quite the discussion, however, we came to the same thought that Jack is a really strong master. His fighting ability is comparable to Kings of War that even if both parties worked together, we might not topple him. Apart from that, he’s killed three hundred of our people before.” Lee purposely sighed aloud before he continued, “We can’t think of anything else. We’re not confident that we can win, not even if both families work together to fight him, and that’s why we can only put this on hold till this day.”

The corners of Hector slightly twitched. He thought about it and said, “How about this: Do you think that we’d stand a chance if the three of us work together?”

Lee was inwardly happy upon noticing Hector’s offer, but he acted calm and replied, “Are you serious this time? You’re not joking, right?”

Hector sighed helplessly and said, “Of course I mean what I say, as we’ve suffered a huge loss after all. We were supposed to trade with the Watson family yesterday, and I estimate that there were around 500 to 600 people from both sides. In order to be safe, I even borrowed two to three masters from my boss, and I don’t know how to break the news to my boss!”

“What happened? Did something serious happen? Did something happen to everybody from your side and the masters from Kingston Hall?” Lee took a deep breath when he heard this news. He was obviously frightened by this news.

Hector nodded. “None of our people and the Watson family’s people returned. I sent someone to check it out and discovered that the abandoned factory we used as our trading ground was burned to the ground. The opponent burnt the factory after he killed our people, and I think he’s destroyed all traces of his crime.”

“Oh my god! Are you suspecting that Jack is the perpetrator? If that’s the case, isn’t his fighting ability too scary? Is he a seven or eight-star King of War?” Lee was shocked. He thought that Hector wanted to get rid of Jack because of the death of three people from Green Sky Hall, but he never thought that Green Sky Hall could suffer such a big loss. As it turned out, they were not as powerful as they claimed to be.

Somehow, Kingston Hall was dragged into the mess as they lost several masters.

Everybody knew that Kingston Hall’s master was someone with a bad temper, and he would definitely avenge his brothers when he knew about what happened!

While it did not show on his face, Hector was internally fretting. “If that’s the case, it’d be really difficult for us to kill him. It wouldn’t work even if the three of us work together, so I plan to go to my boss and get Kingston Hall to lend us a helping hand. The four of us should work together and get rid of Jack!”

“Alright, it’s best if Kingston Hall willingly joins us. Jack won’t be able to survive our attack this time!” Lee stood up in excitement and said, “Why don’t we ask the Wilson family to come over, and we’ll go visit your boss together to discuss how we can eliminate Jack.”

Hector nodded. “We’ll need a huge amount of people and many masters if we’re to kill Jack. Not only that, but we’ll have to make sure that he’s alone when we carry out the attack. I think that guy has people helping him out, and that’s why we lost so many men this time. After all, he had been in the army for five years and must know many soldiers. A person who can survive five years on the battlefield can’t be assumed to be a regular person!”

“Of course. As long as Green Sky Hall and Kingston Hall agree to the plans, it wouldn’t be difficult to kill Jack!” Lee was extremely confident.

Lee was initially wary of Hector, hesitant if he was genuine in helping them out, but it seemed as though Jack had dug his own grave. Not only did Jack disrupt Hector’s business, but he even killed so many of their people, and this forced Hector to make the decision to join them.

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