No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0828

David Wilson and the others were stunned when they saw the blood-coated Jack, his clothes dyed a crimson color.

They felt that Jack must have been exhausted, with the thought that his body would be filled with scars and the man to be at the brink of death.

They never thought Jack could move so quickly. His speed was faster than the masters at their side.

Much to their chagrin, Jack was already next to Orchid and the others. He severed the ropes that bound Orchid and the others up when they finally reacted.

“Wuu… Daddy!” Kylie was terrified from the start, but she dared not cry. She only started crying when she saw her father—Jack—rushing toward them all covered in blood. It was unknown if she was afraid or worried for Jack.

“Kylie, don’t be afraid!” Jack flicked his sword and slew those who dared run up to them. “Orchid, take Kylie and keep her safe!”

With that, Jack ran toward Hector.

“Kill him! Kill all of them! This guy has to be dying at this point, all out of energy to spend! Remember that you’re all masters!” Hector yelled loudly when he saw Jack rushing over to him.

“Attack!” The fighters roared and rushed toward Jack and his company.

“Today is the day you kiss your life goodbye!” With a laugh, Jack tightened his grip on the sword and rushed forward once again.

This time, Jack’s speed increased. He slew the masters who rushed in front of the others with just a few slashes, and he ended Hector’s life with one slash.

The remaining three out of the Four Great Warriors attacked Jack simultaneously, but they only managed to hold up for several seconds before they fell to the floor and breathed their last.

“Im… Impossible!” Kingston Hall’s master shrieked in disbelief, his face pale due to the fear.

The people around them were so frightened and dared not move. Jack’s combat abilities stunned them speechless.

“Who…who are you? How’s this possible? We have so many people with us, so many masters! How are they not your match?” Lee Neuman’s legs turned to jelly when he gazed at the sprawled bodies on the floor. The people they had summoned were elites, yet Jack managed to kill half of them while none of their masters managed to even graze Jack’s skin.

“B—Boss, please let us go! We didn’t have any other choice!” One of the masters was so frightened that he knelt on the floor and begged Jack for mercy.

Covered in blood, Jack’s eyes seemingly had fire in them. He looked daunting as he stood with his sharp sword.

“I can let you guys go, but there’s one condition: Kill all your clan masters and go back to dismiss your clans. As for the properties, divide among yourself and get out of Eastfield. Can you all do that?” ordered Jack, his instructions laced with coldness and apathy. As he had killed numerous people on his way up the mountain, the anger in his heart was soothed though only by a little.

He decided to let go of the remaining men. Otherwise, there would have been too much bloodshed and deaths.

“Thank you for not killing us, Big Brother!” Although the remaining people were skilled fighters, Jack’s very existence scared them witless. They had never once seen such a ruthless person.

“You… You *ssholes! Traitors! Would you have what you have today if I hadn’t provided for you all?!” Tobias’ voice trembled in anger.

“We’re sorry, Master!” One of the men stood behind Tobias and stabbed him from behind, and others followed suit as they surrounded him and killed him.

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