No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0842

The location of the hotel was even included at the end of the message.

“Why is Jack holding a wedding now, when he hadn’t even bothered to tell us before? Didn’t he say it was a birthday party?”

Master Roy frowned. He was just about to leave for Cecilia’s wedding when he received the unexpected message.

“What should we do, Master? If we go to Jack’s wedding, Cecilia’s wedding is still ongoing. And Cecilia and her family had specially invited us! Not only did Jack not give us a notice in advance but he’s also holding this ceremony just to make up for what he hadn’t done. It’s fine if we don’t go!”

A middle-aged man beside Master Roy drew his brows together, pondering. Then he posed the question.

Master Roy was speechless for a while as well. “Geez. Couldn’t he have chosen another date? Why did he have to hold it on the same day as Cecilia’s wedding? I wouldn’t even have thought of going if it were a birthday party since Cecilia’s wedding is more important—and since I should give face to the Taylor family. But I really don’t know what to do now!”

“Why don’t we see if the Goddess of War shows up there first? We’ll attend Jack’s wedding if the Goddess of War is there, and we’ll just send our wedding gifts over to the Gold family!”

The middle-aged man suggested to his master after considering the situation.

“What if the Gods of War don’t turn up at either of their weddings? Then we’ll just go to Cecilia’s wedding and give the gifts to Jack and his family. It’ll be fine so long as we don’t offend anybody. But essentially, we’ll go for whichever wedding that the Goddess of War attends—assuming that she shows up. It’s likely that the King of Wars and the officers will all go to the wedding that she’s attending!”

Master Roy finally made the decision after weighing his options.

“We’ll know what to do, depending on how all this plays out. Aren’t the two weddings in the same area? We can go to Cecilia’s wedding first, and if the Goddess of War goes for Jack’s wedding, it still won’t be too late for us to go over. We’ll just say that we want to go to their wedding as well—that we can’t afford to miss either one of them. How does that sound?”

At this moment, Madam Roy suggested after she thought about it.

“We can go along with that!”

Robert nodded his head. All of them quickly set off in their cars and arrived at the square.

The two hotels were not very far from each other.

They got down from the car and entered the square first. Only then did Robert and the others notice that plenty of wealthy businessmen and third-class aristocratic families were here.

Each of them felt like they were stuck between a rock and a harder place as well. They were wondering if they should go to Jack’s wedding instead. He was getting popular lately, after all. Besides, he had booked the entire hotel. They did not know if he had borrowed the money, but the sheer magnitude of his work was somewhat frightening.

Many people came over to the Roy family when they arrived.

“Master Roy, which wedding are you going to attend?”

An old man asked Robert, smiling.

It was obvious that they all wanted to know his decision.

“Has the Goddess of War made an appearance yet?”

Robert asked after he thought about it.

“Not yet!”

The old man twisted his lips into a mirthless smile. “We don’t even know if she’ll show up. We can’t just keep standing here, can we?”

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