No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0877

”Oh my god, that ring is a treasure! I heard a rumor that there were rings that could store things and that these rings were treasures! The ring in this guy’s hand is definitely a priceless treasure!” The old man who was second on the killer list could not help but started exclaiming and his eyes turned red.

He rushed toward Jack with his sword after he spoke as if he was afraid that people would beat him to it.

“it’s a treasure but I’m afraid that you won’t be alive long enough to use it!” Jack smiled and moved. He was so speedy that he disappeared.

When Jack appeared again, he was already next to the old man, and the sword in his hand speedily broke the sword in the old man’s hand.

“What!” The old man was stunned and started exclaiming. Jack acted too quickly and the sword in Jack’s hand was not a usual sword. The sword was an incredible treasure that was incredibly sharp and could cut through iron like it was mud!

After a wave of wind blew through them, Jack stopped moving. The old man was cut into two halves with one swift motion. Blood splattered everywhere, and the old man was definitely dead.

“What?” As Jack killed the old man who was second on the list, the man who jumped up previously smashed down with his hammer. He originally thought that Jack would not be able to avoid his attack.

He had no idea that Jack was fast as lightning and managed to avoid his attack in such a short period of time, causing him to miss his attack.

“How’s that possible?! Hades is dead!” The remaining assassins were extremely confident but after they saw the old man, second on the killer list, dead, their faces turned pale.

The man in front of them now appeared scary and was definitely not a simple person. They were thinking that one of them could easily kill him but it seemed that it would be difficult for a group of them to even kill him.

“How’s that possible?! One of them died! This old man seems to be the second place on the killer list, Hades!” Neil was slightly afraid when he saw this scene. Jack’s combat skills seem unaffected by the poison.

On top of that, he was not only unaffected, his combat skills also seemed stronger than what they anticipated.

“Ah!” A middle-aged man gritted his teeth and rushed toward Jack. “Tiger fist!”

The man yelled loudly and punched. A scary wave of air rushed over and his punch sounded like a soft tiger growl.

At this moment, Jack saw an illusory tiger rushing toward him.

“Humph!” Jack waved his sword and a scary wave of sword air appeared.

The tiger disappeared and the scary wave of sword air broke one of the middle-aged man’s arms.

“Ah!” the middle-aged man could not bear the pain and yelled out loudly. His face was pale like paper and the veins on his forehead popped.

“F*ck, how can this young man’s attack be so scary! He can actually kill someone with just sword air?!” This time, these assassins once again felt threatened, threatened by death.

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