No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0985

“Mother, Father… A guy named Jack White did this to me. He stays at Elegant Villa Park and has occupied about twenty villas there. Jack lives there with the others,” sobbed Dylan to his parents, lamenting his fate. “Mother, Father, you have to avenge me. I… I can’t be a normal man for the rest of my life. I rather die than live like this!”

“Son, you mustn’t have such suicidal thoughts. Don’t worry—we’ll definitely avenge you,” assured Kane.

Louisa, meanwhile, commented, “Ask the seven-star King of War, Walter Lamington to come here. Doesn’t he owe us a favor? It’s time for him to return that favor. It’d be easy for a seven-star King of War to destroy a small power we’ve never heard of.”

To that, Dylan quickly responded, “Mother, don’t ask Walter to come over—that Jack guy is too much. I brought Walter with me when I went to him because that guy killed many of our masters. I never, ever thought Walter would fail to contend against Jack, and I think he’s dead from Jack’s sword attack!”

“What?!” All the Wagner family members inhaled sharply, wondering if they heard wrongly. They never expected that Dylan had already brought Walter to Jack yet failed to win against him.

“If Walter can’t even beat that guy, none of the masters from our family can defeat him,” came the comment of one of the Wagners’ elders.

“That’s right. Walter is a seven-star King of War and has extremely strong combat capabilities. If such a strong fighter can’t take him down, we’d fail no matter how many bodyguards we send over!” exclaimed another middle-aged man.

Kane’s facial expression grew increasingly dark. He thought about it and looked at Louisa. “Honey, we’ve never asked your parents for help all these years, and our relationship with them is rather good these days. Although they still look down on us, they allowed us to go back for meals during New Years’. So…”

Louisa nodded. “I know what you’re trying to say. I didn’t want to rely on them or beg them previously with hopes that we can grow stronger, but for the sake of our son, I’ll call on them.”

Kane stressed once again, “Our opponent this time is so powerful that even a seven-star King of War failed to eliminate him. I’m afraid that our opponent’s combat prowess is comparable to an eight-star King of War, and it’ll be difficult to fight such a strong master!”

“That’s immensely troublesome,” spoke the serious Louisa. “If that’s the case, we can only ask my father to send more people, and they gotta be extraordinarily strong too.”

Both Kane and Louisa asked Dylan to take a rest after they finished their discussion. Louisa exited the room and quickly called her parents.

Louisa’s parents only had a daughter and a grandson.

Louisa’s parents were extremely angry when they heard what happened. After they assessed the situation, they personally brought several hundred masters from the Lowe family to avenge their grandson.

Kane was relieved when he knew both his parents-in-law were coming over. Jack and his company were guaranteed goners with so many masters coming over.

They believed that they would be able to avenge their son.

Afraid that Jack and the others would escape, the Wagner family sent many bodyguards to spy on them. The bodyguards were ready to report to Kane at any time.

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