No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0993

Soon enough, this news spread to every corner of the City of Martial Arts—Swallow City.

“Pa, Ma, Grandpa, Grandma, I—I’ll avenge you…”

On the other hand, outside of Swallow City, Dylan brought a few bodyguards with him, heading toward the direction of Gin City in a car.

After three days, Lana came before Jack. Joy radiated through Lana that her face could hardly contain her happiness.

“Master, I have great news! We finally have news about the Dragon scale!”

Lana stared at Jack with her eyes filled with excitement and her tone cheerful. “There is a huge villa outside this City of Martial Arts, and I heard that a secret auction will be held in that huge villa tomorrow night. A filthy rich hidden figure, who has secretly contacted quite a few rich families in the city, intended to gather all the prominent families and businessmen to attend the auction they organized. There’s only one item to be auctioned and that is the Dragon Scale!”

“Hmmm. Is that so? What do you think about this matter then?”

Jack’s brows knitted as he queried.

“In my opinion, as long as the problem can be solved with money, then it’s not a problem. Others probably think that the Dragon scale is something rare and worthy to be kept in their private museum for collection. They’re just curious!”

Lana paused for a while and gave this matter a further thought, then she continued, “So, that means the Dragon scale doesn’t really mean much to them hence they won’t spend so much money bidding for it!”

Lana halted again before continuing, “Therefore, I think we can spend some money and bid for it!”

Jack bobbed his head as he was listening to Lana’s analysis. “Alright then. I’ll go with you tomorrow and have a look. But since it’s a secret auction and the other party invited others under the table, I don’t think it’d be easy for us to get in, right?”

Lana nodded. “Yup, indeed. The other party scanned through the list and only invited those who are capable to participate. The public can’t join. You must have their invitation card to enter the secret auction. Otherwise, it’s impossible to get it!”

“Hmmm… It looks like the only way to get into that auction is to get hold of somebody’s invitation card then!”

After a moment of silence, Jack finally opened his mouth and suggested.

“I have a plan in mind. Also, I heard that an invitation card allows only two person to enter, and some families have more than one card; they have two or three invitation cards! Those families can have four to six members to go to this secret auction. My plan is this, we can approach one of these families and buy an invitation card from them, what do you think?”

Lana smiled gently. She had done her homework well before approaching Jack about this matter.

“Sounds like a good plan!”

Jack chuckled.

“It just so happens that I managed to find out that the Chaffman family has two such invitation cards. Let’s go to them and buy the card from them, how about that?”

Lana suggested.

“Buy? No way. Peace Chaffman tried to hit on you and Selena a couple of times. So, I’d not spend a single penny on his card. I’d just ask him to give us one!”

Jack chortled then he looked at the time. “It’s late, let’s go now. We will first get the invitation card and then I’ll go to the villa tomorrow with others.”

Jack and Lana immediately drove toward the direction of the huge villa where the Chaffmans lived.

“Master, Master, it’s bad! That guy is coming, That guy is coming!”

One of the bodyguards who was on duty at the gate ran into the house and reported loudly when the Chaffmans were having their dinner.

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