No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1029

This Ninth Patronum was obviously a master with demi-god status.

A Patronum with such cultivation showed how strong the White family was.

The Ninth Patronum traveled speedily. He flew for a period of time while pulling another person before landing on the ground. He tapped with the tip of his toes and jumped upward to continue flying. After a while, he reached the stone door and stopped.

Brenton was at ease when Mindy had not returned with the others, and he had the upper hand.

He glanced at the people in front of him before he firmly asked, “Which one of you is Jack, and who’s Joan?”

“I’m Jack, and this is my mother, Joan.” Jack walked forward and gave a small bow to the stranger in front of him. He politely gestured with his hands. “And you are?”

The Ninth Patronum glanced away. “Haha! You’re here to pay a visit to our master? You’re looking for our butler?” he spoke.

“Yes. Didn’t the lady go in to pass on the message?” Jack eyed the person in front of him and replied honestly.

“I’m one of the Patronums here. Our master said that he has no other son apart from his one and only son, Lance. It’s best if all of you leave!” Brenton smiled coldly and crossed his hands on his chest.

Jack was slightly stunned when he heard this. He was, however, inwardly smirking.

The butler had informed Jack about Nash’s prevailing condition previously. Nash was on the brink of his death and that was the reason why he was sent to seek Jack. Nash wanted to meet Jack and even wanted Jack to take over the White family properties.

Yet, all of a sudden, they were stopped at the door when they had just arrived. It seemed like Lily and the others were very afraid of Jack meeting Nash.

All the more reason for Jack to meet Nash, if that was the case. He wanted to see how many people wanted to attack him.

Jack smiled coldly after he thought about it. “Greetings to you, Patronum. I truly am Nash’s son, and I heard that my father is gravely ill, so I came back for a visit. I won’t be leaving, even if you asked me to.”

Jack then added, “Also, I might be killed not long after I leave this place, right?”

The corners of Brenton’s mouth twitched several times; he did not anticipate Jack’s keenness that could guess his every thought.

There were so many people present, and it was inconvenient for him to do anything, thus it was best to wait until Jack and the others left. Nobody would know that he was the one who killed them once they walked out of the White family members’—who were guarding the door—sight. Even if somebody suspected him, he only needed to insist that it was not him, and there would be no evidence as they were all dead.

It was a good while before Brenton pulled out his sword and pointed it at Jack. “Young man, your actions tell me that you really want to disguise as our master’s son and enter by force. I’ll take action if you don’t leave!”

He had thought about it. If Jack refused to leave, he could say that these people were forcing their way in and that he took action because he did not know that he was Nash’s son.

He might escape death as long as Lily sided with him and protected him.

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