No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1034

Lily had an extremely darkened facial expression. It was natural for the White family members to hope for Jack to return and lead the family after they learned about his situation. They hoped that he would be the White family’s heir.

“Haha… This doesn’t seem right. Although Young Master Jack is the master’s son, we’re all considered White family members. The position of the family master’s heir is very important and we cannot treat it lightly!” Another young man of the White family hugged both hands in front of his chest and laughed coldly.

“Yes, the position of an heir cannot be decided so hastily. My son is also a member of the White family and carries the White family bloodline. He is also very talented. As people in general honor the strong, the heir should be chosen based on the talents of the person!” The young man’s father was one of the elders who immediately stood forward to support his son.

At this moment, another elder of the White family thought about it and said, “Master, Young Master Lance was considered as the White family’s most talented master. We were well-convinced when he was the successor of the master’s position. The younger members were also utterly convinced. However, Young Master Jack is a child you had with an outsider and had only just returned from the outside world. Many people would be dissatisfied if he could become the heir!”

Lily was secretly happy when she heard this and immediately said, “In my opinion, we should send more people to search for my son, Lance. He can continue to be the heir after he returns. This is the only way everybody would be convinced, am I right?”

“Let’s not talk about this first. Young Master Jack killed our Ninth Patronum as soon as he returned. We can’t let this go without a legitimate reason, am I right?” The Third Elder stood up and looked at Jack angrily while saying. “Young man, the friends you brought with you are really strong. However, how can you be so ruthless? It’s clearly a misunderstanding as the Ninth Patronum didn’t know that you are the master’s son and thought that you were barging in with force. Why did you kill him when you could have just injured him?”

The Third Elder paused before continuing, “Humph, regardless, the Ninth Patronum’s actions were not enough to deserve death, right?”

The First Elder immediately stood forward and spoke on behalf of Jack, “Haha… Third Elder, I believe you understand that fists have no eyes and it could hit anywhere in a fight. After all, Jack and the others said that they did not barge in. How can you blame it on Jack when the Ninth Patronum made the first move? Would you stand there and let someone kill you and make their wish come true?”

He turned around after he spoke and said to the young people guarding the door previously. “Tell us what actually happened just now.”

The young people immediately stood forward. “The Ninth Patronum insisted that Jack and the others were trying to barge in and started the fight first!”

“Yes, we all saw what happened with our own eyes. Young Master Jack said that he would wait here for Titus and the elders but the Ninth Patronum seemed to be in a hurry. He pulled out his sword and attacked Jack. Jack’s friend killed the Ninth Patronum as he could not bear the sight of what was going on!”

Several young men of the White family stood forward and spoke on behalf of Jack.

They had a clear look of the situation just now and they could feel that there was something wrong with the Ninth Patronum. He seemed frightened of Jack meeting the master.

“Did you hear what they said? Third Elder, Madam, Jack’s friend was forced to take action. Apart from that, I wonder why the Ninth Patronum is in such a hurry to make the first move without understanding the situation?” The First Elder smiled coldly and looked at the Third Elder questionably.

“Never mind, then. Since Jack really is Nash’s son, let’s just let this go. The Ninth Patronum had gotten what he asked for!” Lily immediately waved her hand as she was afraid of the plot between the Ninth Patronum and others to come to light.

“Don’t move!”

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