No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1035

However, Jack discovered a fat woman standing not far behind Lily and the others. The woman’s facial expression darkened when she saw Jack. She acted as if she was afraid of being discovered so she turned around and was ready to escape.

The woman’s face turned pale after she heard Jack yelling at her. She stood there not knowing what to do next.

The others looked over to where Jack was looking at and the person Jack called out to was Lily’s maid, Yvette.

“Fat lady, have you forgotten what you did? Didn’t we meet five years ago when I knelt here for one whole night, begging to meet my father?” Jack smiled coldly and said.

The fat woman turned around and her eyes were flickering around. She quibbled, “Young Master Jack, have you remembered things wrongly? When have we met? This is the first time I’ve seen you.”

“This is the first time? I might not be able to recognize you if you’ve lost weight during the past five years. However, your figure did not change so I do recognize you!” Jack laughed and said to the crowd, “Five years ago, my mother was gravely ill so I came here with the wishes to meet my father. I wanted to ask for my mother’s surgery fees and it was only one million dollars. This woman said that she’s the White family’s housekeeper and that my father refused to see me. I was asked to p*ss off! She humiliated me after she gave me a scolding. I will never forget your face!”

“Yvette, how dare you impersonate me?” Titus walked forward and looked at Yvette angrily. It was an opportunity to kill Yvette since Jack mentioned this incident and the Ninth Patronum was dead.

“I… I did not… He’s making it up! Don’t believe in him, he’s obviously framing me!” Yvette was extremely afraid but she knew clearly that she could not admit to it at this moment. If she admitted to that, Lily would not be able to save her life.

“You’re still denying it? Haha… Why didn’t Jack frame somebody else? There are so many people here and you’re the only one he pointed out to?” The First Elder looked at Yvette angrily. Titus had told him about this previously, so it was good that Jack was here to confront Yvette.

However, he knew clearly that it was not easy to kill Yvette if Yvette denied the charges without Jack showing any evidence.

“Haha… First Elder, how can you stay that? What if Jack came up with an excuse to kill Yvette because he knows that Yvette is a Lagorio and my maid? After all, nothing is impossible!” Surely, Lily stood forward and spoke on behalf of Yvette.

“That’s right, this won’t work without evidence. We cannot blame someone good for this!” Another elder from the Lagorio family thought about it before stepping forward and said.

Yvette was a member of the Lagorio family and he did not want her to be killed because of what Jack said.

If this happened, the position of the Lagorios in the White family would be further lowered.

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