No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1036

“That’s right, Young Master Jack. You’re the master’s son—that is something that can’t be changed. That’s why we’ll acknowledge you. But you can’t just kill the people of the Lagario family at your whims and fancy!”

Another old man stood up as well. “Unless this is your little gift to us for your recent return?” he said to Jack.

Jack’s brows creased together as he saw many members of the Lagorio family stepping forward. Many of the elders, as well as Lily, had all voiced their opinions. It seemed that the Lagorio family had considerable influence over the White family.

Furthermore, the incident had taken place over five hundred years ago. There had been two to three hundred witnesses, but they had emerged along with this fat woman. He was certain that they were allies, and that they were not in a position as strong as Yvette.

If that was the case, it was evident that none of the people here would give a truthful testimony.

“Fine. I’ll forget that this ever happened!”

Jack thought about it for a while before he spoke, flashing a frosty smile.

“That’s fantastic. No matter what, Young Master Jack has returned. Let us arrange his accommodation first!”

The First Elder stood up. “We’ll discuss about the successor to the head of the house another time!” he said.

However, he did not expect Jack’s immediate reply. “I don’t have much interest to be the head of the house. I’m not that close to the White family, after all. If someone else wants to take the position, let them have it. I came back just to see my father—and to find a way to save my friend, Fernando!”

“That fellow is practically dead, isn’t he? Can he still be saved?”

The Third Elder looked at Fernando, slung over Ethan’s back. He noticed that the young man was not moving a single inch, and his chest was not heaving. He frowned.

“I know that the White family possesses a treasure called the Cryo Pearl, which can seal a person in ice and preserve their life. My friend can only live for three or four more days. That’s why I thought…”

Jack struggled to put his thoughts into words, and when he did, he did it so shamefacedly.

Yet Lily cut in before he could finish his sentence. “Don’t even think about it. Who is your friend? Why should we use our treasure to save him? The Cryo Pearl is priceless. Do you know how difficult it was for us to obtain it?”

The Third Elder also gave a cold smile. “Don’t overstep your boundaries, Young Master Jack. Do not forget that you’re an illegitimate child, and you’ve never contributed anything to the White family all these years. Upon your arrival, you killed the Ninth Patronum, and you even slandered the Lagario family’s name. Heh. We won’t hold you against all of this for the sake of the master, but you asking for the Cryo Pearl is too much.”

Another elder from the White family also had a gloomy expression. “Young Master Jack, did you really not consider becoming the heir to the White family at all? If you’re just back to see the master and to take the Cryo Pearl, don’t dream about it. We can’t give our treasure to anyone.”

The First Elder thought about it. “Young Master Jack, you’ll only have the authority to use the treasure if you become the heir to the White family, and take over the White family’s business. Even I cannot support you in your endeavors otherwise!”

“No way. The position of the heir is extremely important, where only someone qualified is deserving of that position. We can’t just hand it to anyone! Unless Jack has so much talent that he far surpasses the younger generation and makes them obey him. Otherwise, even as an elder of the White family, I cannot simply agree to this proposal!”

Another elder from the White family stood up again and spoke.

“I think we should wait and see. I believe that Lance is still alive. He will be the heir after he comes back!”

Lily argued in favor of her son.


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