No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1037

Nash was furious. He never thought that everybody would start arguing upon Jack’s return.

He glared at his audience. “We’ll make the decision tomorrow,” he said. “Jack has just arrived. Let him have a good rest. We’ll talk business tomorrow!”

“All right!”

Many people gritted and raised their hands into a fist-to-palm salute.

“Oh my. I heard that Nash’s third wife is back. Where’s Young Master Jack? Let me take a look…”

At this moment, Lizzie, Nash’s second wife, came down from the mountain, with a few other people in tow. She had heard of the news and had come over to see what was going on.

“Lizzie, this is my son, Jack. This is Joan. She’s my wife from now on!”

Nash gave a small smile when he saw Lizzie approaching and introduced them.

“Tsk tsk. So this is Young Master Jack? What a handsome and strapping young man!”

After Lizzie studied Jack, she looked at Joan. “No wonder Nash was in love with you. You don’t seem to be someone who practices Chi manipulation, but you have such a unique aura about you! No ordinary person possesses that.”

Joan managed a wan smile. “What aura are you talking about?” she said. “I’m just an ordinary woman. I’m no match for you!”

Jack did not know what sort of a person Lizzie was. He could not tell if she was pleased with his return or not.

He could do nothing but smile politely. “How do you do, Madam Lizzie!”

Lizzie nodded her head, satisfied. She dragged the young woman behind her forward, who was about seventeen or eighteen years old. “Yolanda, this is Jack. Just call him Brother Jack from now on. We still don’t know if Brother Lance is dead or alive. Let’s hope for the best.”

“Hello, Brother Jack!”

Yolanda greeted him softly after studying him for a while. She ducked her head, as though she was shy upon meeting others for the first time.

“Hello there, Sister Yolanda!”

Jack nodded his head. Yolanda was young, and she seemed like an obedient girl—as if she was a winter bud that had not bloomed.

“What’s happened? This…”

Lizzie noticed the bodies on the ground, and her expression contorted in shock and confusion. She then looked at Jack, as well as Lily, whose features had turned sour. She immediately got the gist of what had taken place.

It seemed that Lily had wanted to kill Jack at the foot of the mountain. If Jack had truly died, Nash—who was already sick enough—would probably die on the spot in a fit of rage.

“It was a misunderstanding. All right, let’s go back in first. We’ll announce our decision about the heir and the Cryo Pearl tomorrow!”

Nash looked at everyone and ordered.

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