No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1038

Since even Nash had said that Lily and the others could not say anything more. Everyone dissipated from the area except for the few servants from the White family who stayed behind to help clean up the bodies.

Soon enough, Jack, Joan, and Selena went into Nash’s room. Meanwhile, Lana and the others got a good rest after being taken to their respective rooms.

“What a wonderful day. You’ve grown so much, my son. And you’re such a distinguished man!”

Nash sat on the bed and looked at Jack, who stood before him. His eyes were full of excitement and joy.

Jack scanned his surroundings. Only the butler, Beth, Yolanda, Lizzie, the First Elder, and the others were here.

He thought for a while. “Mr. Titus, can we trust everyone here?”

Mr. Titus nodded his head. “Everyone here is an insider, and Lizzie is a good person. Don’t worry. She and Yolanda are not outsiders!”

After hearing the certainty in Titus’ answer, Jack asked another question, “Are there lookouts in the garden?”

Titus sensed that Jack had something gravely important to talk about. He bobbed his head. “Don’t worry. The men guarding the entrance are ours too, and they are people of good character. Young Master Jack, do you have something to say?”

“There were too many people down there,” Jack replied, expression solemn. “It was not the best place for me to talk!”

“Don’t worry, Young Master. Just speak your mind here. We won’t breathe a word to outsiders!”

The First Elder said, smiling.

Jack nodded. “I think it’s fine whether you choose to be the heir or not. It’s not like Father has an incurable disease. More importantly, it’s not chronic!”

He paused here before continuing slowly, “He’s been poisoned!”


Everyone was shocked when they heard that.

“No way. How is he still alive after so long, if he was truly poisoned? Besides, the doctor already checked him, and they said that he has two or three months left to live. What poison is it that acts so slowly?”

The First Elder immediately exclaimed, utterly stupefied. Fear gripped his chest. After all, Chi fighters like them had extremely powerful bodies. Regular poison was useless against them.

“Young Master Jack, are you sure that he was poisoned?” Titus chimed in, tone serious. “That would be terrible if that was the case. Normal poison won’t work against Chi fighters like us, and even if it did, we would have sensed something off. We never felt something was wrong, and plenty of doctors came to check him. None of them said that he was poisoned!”

Lizzie also took a sharp intake of breath. “My God. Who did it then, if it was poison? Don’t tell me it’s Lily. It doesn’t seem probable though. Why would she want to kill Nash? She has no reason to do so.”

“Heh. There’s no evidence yet, but the most likely culprit is her!” Jack said, flashing a cold smile.

He never thought that Nash would shake his head in disbelief. “It’s not likely. She doesn’t like you or your mother, but she wouldn’t harm me. We’ve been husband and wife for a long time, after all. She’s not a bad person, it’s just that she has a slight vendetta against the two of you. She always blamed me for going behind her back and getting together with your mother, saying that I cheated on her!”

The First Elder also added, “I think that she couldn’t have hurt your father. She has nothing to gain out of it. What she wants the most now is to find Lance, and make him the heir to the White family. It’s been such a long time since we last heard from Lance, and everyone knows that it’s very likely that he’s dead, yet she refuses to accept reality!”

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