No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1039

Titus chipped in, “That’s right. It’s been so long. She insists that she needs to see the body, at least. Heh. If he’s truly dead, it would be impossible to find his body. It would have been eaten by wild animals long ago!”

At this moment, Selena took a step forward. “If Jack says that my father-in-law has been poisoned, he has been poisoned. I don’t know if the shadow families are aware of this, but Ethan Hayes is known as a ‘miracle doctor’ in the mortal realm, and Jack is his master. This, I’m sure, is enough to prove that Jack is extremely skilled in medicine!”

“Really? That’d be great! Since Jack can tell that he’s been poisoned, surely he knows how to cure it. After all, it should be easier to solve the problem now that we know what’s wrong!”

The First Elder’s eyes brightened when he heard that.

Nash’s expression was stony though. “Jack calls me ‘father’ now,” he said to Selena. “Why are you still calling me ‘father-in-law’? What should you call me instead?”

Selena was immediately embarrassed. “Father!” she said in a small voice.

Nash was elated when his daughter-in-law called him ‘father’. He flipped his palm, and a few herbal pills appeared on it. He thrust them toward Selena. “Fantastic. This is the first time I’m seeing you, even though you and Jack have been married for so long. Take this as your wedding gift.”

“Thank you, Father!”

Selena did not know what the pills were for, but she took them anyway, a bitter smile on her face.

Jack grinned. “This medicine will help to cleanse your body. With this, you’ll experience a breakthrough and become a martial artist in a few days, and then you can start training!”

“Really? Thank you so much, Father!”

Selena was extremely excited. She had been suspicious of the medicine, but she never thought that they would be so precious.

At this moment, Nash flipped his hand again and took out a tattered scroll, shoving it toward Selena. “This is the guide to master Chi manipulation. I picked this scroll up in the forest long ago. I’m not sure to what extent it teaches you, but judging from a glance, there should be some pretty good techniques in there. It shouldn’t be a problem if you want to practice to the level of a true god!”

Here, Nash paused for a while before continuing slowly, “And this fighting style is suitable for women, but only for those who have never practiced Chi manipulation before. Those who are already a martial artist or grandmaster will have no use for it. That’s why I’m giving it to you!”

“That sounds fantastic. Thank you, Father!”

Selena did not know what else to say. She was extremely excited.

“Right. I think your brother isn’t a martial artist as well, right? He was panting all the way up to the mountain!”

At this moment, Lizzie asked Selena after she thought about it.

“That’s right. He’s never trained before!”

Selena smiled.

She never thought that Lizzie too, would flip her palm and take out a few herbal pills. She gave them to Selena. “It’s our first time meeting, but I haven’t given you anything yet. These are cleansing pills too. Give them to your brother!”

“Th–thank you, Madam Lizzie! All of you are too kind!”

Selena smiled and took the gift, blushing.

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