No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1041

Jack was rendered speechless. Yet he was well aware that the Cryo Pearl was the treasure of the White family. Even if the First Elder and the others from the White family supported him in loaning the treasure, it probably would not work out in the end.

After all, he could not predict the future if too many people disagreed with his motives.

“But if he becomes the heir in such a short span of time, there may be some who will be dissatisfied!”

Titus’s lips twisted into a mirthless smile when he thought about it. “Not only Lily and the others will oppose him, but even the younger generation and the elders of the White family also will not approve of him. After all, Lance had gained the support from the younger generation because of his talent and his fighting prowess!”

“Then I have no choice but to make them support me!”

Jack clenched his fists. “I’ll become the heir of the White family for Fernando’s sake. We’ll make the announcement tomorrow, and we’ll hold a fighting contest for the younger members the day after. So long as I can overpower them, no one will oppose me!”

Jack had wanted to hide his powers, but judging from the circumstances, he had no choice but to show it off.

“Are you serious, Young Master? The younger members of the White family are a stubborn sort, and their martial arts and chi manipulation skills are probably stronger than yours. That’s why it might be difficult for you to beat them!”

The First Elder was startled when he heard this. “If we do have a meeting to choose the heir, your chances of actually obtaining the position are more likely, since we have more elders—and the master and I will support you. But the chances will be significantly reduced if you were to use fighting skills as a standard!”

Although the First Elder had heard that Jack had good technique and fighting skills. However, he did not think that Jack could compete with the younger members of the White family, who were practically monsters in their own right.

More importantly, he did not know where Jack had learned his techniques from. Still, he believed that it was no match for the White family’s techniques.

“That’s right, Jack. Think about it!”

Lizzie looked at Jack. “Don’t take this matter so lightly. Plenty of people want to see you downtrodden,” she said. “If you get in the ring, your opponent will hold no punches back—they won’t beat you to death, but they won’t let you off so easily!”

“But if we go by vote, I don’t think the majority would approve anyway!”

Jack gave a wan smile. “I think we should hold the competition,” he said. “No one can say a word against me once I become the heir and use the family treasure then. It’ll be a lot easier for me!”

“All right. Since you so desperately want to save your friend, we have no choice but to agree with you!”

Nash gave a bitter smile and nodded his head in agreement. He believed that Jack had a card hidden up his sleeve since he spoke with such confidence.

No matter what though, it seemed that holding the competition to nominate the heir seems like the best possible decision under these circumstances. It was the only choice that would make people unanimously support the heir!”

“Oh, right. Father, they’re not my friends actually. They’re my disciples!”

Jack thought about it for a while. “I was just afraid that Lily would find out more about my circumstances,” he said, smiling. “That’s why I said that.”

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