No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1042

“Your disciples? Really?”

When Nash heard this, his eyes brightened.

If Lana and the others were truly Jack’s disciples, and if they were able to kill the Ninth Patronum, who was at the beginner stages of the true god level, it would mean that Jack would at least be at the intermediate stage of the true god level. If he were that strong, his fighting talent would be monstrous.

He could be a match for the masters in the White family, at least.

“Hah. All right!”

The First Elder was extremely excited. “Since that’s the case, I’ll make the announcement tomorrow morning. Then we’ll organize the martial arts competition for the younger generation of the White family, and anyone below the age of thirty can join! And the champion will become the White family heir!”

Nash thought about it for a while. “Why don’t we add this prize? Not only does the champion become the heir, but they will also have the authority to use the Cryo Pearl however they please. How about that?”

The First Elder’s eyes immediately brightened when he heard that. “All right, Master. We’ll go with your plan. If we lay the conditions down like that, no one can say a word against Jack using the treasure once he becomes champion!”

“Hah. That’s right. If this condition were only mentioned after Jack becomes the champion, there may be people who will oppose the decision. If you mention this beforehand, no one can say a thing!”

Titus also laughed. Then he looked at Jack. “Young Master Jack, you were the one who suggested this competition. We have full confidence in you. Do not disappoint us!”

“Do not worry. I will do my best!”

Jack nodded his head and flipped his palm, taking out a pill. He gave it to his father. “This is a medicine I formulated myself, Father,” he said. “It is an antidote to poison. It won’t be able to completely cure you, but it will slowly alleviate your pain. And it will improve your condition for these next few months!”

Here, Jack flashed a bitter smile as he spoke, “But this is only a temporary cure. It’ll stop the spread of the poison throughout your systems!”

“All right. I never thought that I would see the day where I eat the medicine my own son made for me!”

Nash bobbed his head excitedly and swallowed the pill.

“All right. We’ll go down first. Take a good rest, Father!”

Quickly, Jack smiled and left along with Selena and Joan.

After Jack left, the First Elder smiled at Nash and spoke, “It seems like the young master is as magnanimous as you, Master. If he forgives you, it means that he’s not a petty person!”

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