No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1044

“Alright, alright! Stop whining. I’m biased toward you too!”

Nash could not hold back his laughter as he looked at his lovely daughter in front of him. “My dear Yule, you’re becoming more and more charming and beautiful! By the way, you’re considered as the young generation of the White family, so you can register for the competition too!”

“Hmph! That’s for sure! My strength and fighting prowess are not weak at all! You can’t blame me when I defeat Brother Jack in the competition!”

Yule pouted and huffed angrily.

“Yule, whatever you’ve heard just now, don’t tell anyone else. Do you understand?”

Lizzie reminded Yule after thinking about the seriousness of the matter. “After all, if the incident of your father being poisoned is true, it means that the one who poisoned your father is someone really close to him! It’s horrible!”

“Yes, Mom! I understand. I won’t go around and spread it. I won’t talk about it at all!”

Yule bobbed obediently, and then she said, “I’ll wait until Brother Jack is free, then I’ll have a good chat with him. I really want to know what the outside world looks like! How does it feel like growing up in a secular world? For a person to grow up in a secular world and dare to participate in the competition of the heir of the White family, he must be really brave and confident. I truly want to know the level of his combat prowess!”

Titus spoke to Nash after a moment of silence, “Master White, did you really exclude Mrs. White from the list of suspects who poisoned you? There are not many people who are close to you and are able to poison you without you noticing. Jack suspected Mrs. White with good reason after all, and I do feel that Jack’s right. Mrs. White is the most suspicious!”

The First Elder had a gloomy look on his face. “He’s right. This poison is so strong that even we—excellent martial artists—could not detect it. Moreover, Master White, your prowess is way stronger than us, but you still got poisoned. For us, ordinary poisons are useless and can’t do us any harm. So, we must get rid of the person who poisoned you! Such a person is a scourge!

Nash understood the severity of this matter as well. If Jack did not arrive in time, Nash would never have known in his life that he was poisoned; he might wonder if he had gotten any strange disease.

Nonetheless, Nash and Lily were married for years and they cared for each other dearly. Hence, Nash could not bring himself to believe the possible truth. He shook his head and blurted, “We don’t have any proof in this matter, so let’s not accuse somebody of something that is not proven. After all, the White family was a rather small family back then, and Lily was the one who lifted the family up. She chose to marry me even when the Lagorio family was opposing. The pressure that she bore was tremendous. And after that, together with Lily, we make the White family stronger and stronger!”

Nash suddenly paused and popped a question to the crowd, “Do you really think that such a person would poison me? Would she be so ruthless?”

“Master White, people do change over time!”

After a moment of silence, Titus decided to break the silence and reminded, “In the past, Mrs. White merely wanted to stop you from seeing Joan and Jack. But what about now? She sent people to assassinate them! Do you still think that she is the same old Lily Lagorio?”

The First Elder breathed out a huge sigh. “Titus is right. The matter between you and Joan has long passed, but Mrs. White is still holding a grudge against Joan. Besides, it has been two or three months and there is no trace of Young Master Lance at all. He’s most probably dead by now. But, Mrs. White cannot accept this fact and keeps sending men to search for Lance!”

Titus echoed, “He’s right. We’ve sent too many people out there, it’s not a good thing. If suddenly there’s any prominent family or strong authority coming to us, we’ll be in big trouble! Fortunately, we have not been offending any other powerful families; we always ask our men to be calm and tolerant even when our men are bullied. Sigh…”

“Alright! I get it. I’ll keep this in mind and be careful toward her!”

In fact, Nash was reluctant to face this truth. He could not help but concurred with the others that Lily and the Third Elder were the most suspicious people.

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