No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1046

After hearing Wade’s words, Lily, who was unsure of what to do previously, had her eyes lit up.

She smiled sinisterly, “What you said was absolutely right! The more he wants to get something, the more I want to stop him from getting it! Hmph! He wants the Cryo Pearls to heal his friend? Dream on! Not will I be the only one opposing that idea, the other White will certainly not agree to that! For a beggar who just came back from the secular world, what right does he have to obtain the treasure of the White family?”

“Right! Jack is an adopted son-in-law of the Taylor family. If the news of a White being the adopted son-in-law gets out, it would shame the White family and ruin our reputation!”

Wade quickly thought of something and sneered sarcastically, “Actually, this news could be our weapon in the future. Perhaps we could do something with this piece of information so that everyone knows that this brat is a disgrace to the White family!”

However, Lily’s forehead puckered again. “The possibility of Jack getting this treasure is rather small. No one will be willing to hand over such a treasure to an outsider. Moreover, based on his combat level, it’d be impossible for him to improve tremendously in such a short time. Hmph! Wait until Nash is dead, the White family will be in chaos!”

“Sigh! The problem is that the White family is stronger than the Lagorio family right now. Furthermore, the elders from the Lagorio family—who serve in the White family—obey the First Elder and only listen to his words. Therefore, as long as the First Elder and the others step up to defend Jack, it’d be cumbersome for us to kill him!”

Wade breathed out a huge sigh of defeat. He then added, “I think it’d be better for me to improve my strength and fighting ability, try to surpass the First Elder so that I can seize the opportunity to assassinate him! If he is dead, I’ll be the head of the family, by then nobody dares to disobey me! Whoever disobeys, they’ll be killed!”

Lily nodded and uttered her concerns, “But don’t forget about our agreement! When my son returns, you’ll have to pass the position of the family to him, got it?”

“Don’t be preoccupied! I’ll never break the promise!”

Wade’s mouth was full of promises, but in his head, he was sneering frostily. When he has managed to be the head of the family, how could he just give up the power and position just like that? Was he dumb or something? Not to mention that Lance was very likely dead, even if he was alive and found by his men, he would not let him return alive!

“Sigh! Jack’s return has completely disrupted our initial plan! Dang it!”

Lily sighed aloud; she was weighed down by irritation.

“Stop worrying. At least Nash won’t live long, and once he dies, the White family will be in chaos. Some of them are probably after that position too. Then once the First Elder dies, I’ll be the strongest elder. Then naturally I’ll become the head of this family.”

Wade chortled bemusedly. Everything was still within his plan.

Nevertheless, what he least expected was the announcement the next morning. A notice about the competition had been posted at the plaza of the White family residence.

When the notice was up, complete pandemonium thrummed through the entire White’s residential area.

“What the f*ck is going on? There’ll be a competition for the young generation of the White family tomorrow? And whoever wins the first place will be the heir of the family?”

A young man from the crowd was taken aback at the shocking news. His eyes went wide, and his mouth formed an ‘O’ shape.

Another man, on the other hand, laughed at the young man’s response. He then expressed, “This is amazing! Whoever is capable will be the heir. It’s fair! It shows that Master White is not biased toward his son, Jack. As long as the decision regarding the heir position is not made internally, and everyone has a fair chance, then whoever won the competition naturally gets my respect!”

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