No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1057

After a while, Wendy added, “Participants who drew numbers one to ten, please take the fighting stages accordingly. For example, those who drew the card with number one will go to stage number 1. After all ten pairs have finished their battle, I will call upon those who have drawn up until the number twenty!”

After she thought about it, she said, “The rules for this round are simple. You cannot kill your opponent, and you win by getting your opponent off the stage. Of course, you’ll automatically win if your opponent surrenders!”

After Wendy finished announcing the rules for this round, the contestants who took the number one to ten flew up to their respective stages.

Evidently, the competitors who emerged victorious in this second round would be able to become the top 50 contestants, and then they would be guaranteed a prize already.

“Hah. You’ve got some luck to run into me!”

On one of the fighting stages, a seventh-grade grandmaster was paired with a fourth-grade grandmaster. The former could not help but grin.

Since the first round was a melee, there were a few people who were not very strong that managed to hold on to the very end as they got lucky.

This seventh-grade grandmaster was considered an average fighter. After all, the people who won were all pretty strong—and that was why he was afraid that he would run into master of true god status.

He never thought that his luck was in his favor. He actually got a fourth-grade grandmaster as his opponent. Excitement flooded through his veins.

The fourth-grade grandmaster flashed a bitter smile. “I did not have hope anyway unless I was paired with the other fourth-grade grandmaster here!”

After he said that, he actually jumped off the stage. “I surrender!”

“I–I won?”

The seventh-grade grandmaster was stunned for a moment. Then he smiled.

“Jeez. That fellow is so lucky. He advanced to the next round just like that!”

Someone was extremely envious when he saw this.

However, the people on the other nine fighting stages were not so lucky. The opponents they had were about the same level as they were, and naturally, they would not give in without a fight. They threw themselves at each other, and the frightening cacophony of skirmishes filled the air.

“The fighting skills of this family are pretty good!”

Jack was astounded by the sight as he peered down from the audience stand. He could tell that these masters from the White family spent plenty of time honing their martial skills, and all of them were stronger than regular fighters.

Soon enough, the first batch of contestants was done. The people who had won were all elated and quickly went to claim their prizes first. The losers left dejectedly, their heads hung low as they joined the crowd to watch the rest of the competition.

Of course, there were some who had sustained more serious injuries. They could only sit at the side, take a few healing pills, and have a good rest.

The second group of people quickly went up as well.

“Hey, what number did you get?”

Unexpectedly, Yule tapped Jack’s shoulder from behind at this moment.

Jack turned his head, surprised. “Why did you ask that, Yule?”

“Can’t I ask? I just want to know when it’ll be your turn!”

Yule replied, a sweet smile on her face.

“Oh, it’ll be my turn soon!”

Jack smiled. “You’ll soon find out what number I drew!” he said.

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