No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1058

Just as Jack finished his last syllabus, the Fourth Elder—Wendy Wind—had already flitted back onto the stage of the tournament once again.

She plastered a gentle smile and spilled, “Very well. Let’s invite participants from number 21 to number 30 to the stage!”

“Hehe! Brother Jack, it’s my turn to go up!”

Yule giggled warmly and strode toward the stage. She stomped on her right foot, leaped upward to the air, and landed on the stage. All these happened within a few seconds.

Jack stared at Yule who was already on the stage, then he looked down at the tiny piece of paper in his hand. The number on the paper made him completely dumbfounded.

“No way! How could it be her? What should I do now?”

Jack did not know whether to cry or to laugh. How could he have imagined that Yule would be his opponent? What a coincidence!

The other competitors jumped onto the stage of the tournament, and some of them glided onto the stage.

“Where’s my opponent?”

Yule frowned with a puzzled look. Her opponent had not come up to the stage yet.

Soon, her puzzled look was replaced with speechlessness. Jack stepped out of the crowd, then with a gentle stomp, he appeared in front of Yule in the next second.

“No freaking way! Brother Jack, you’re my opponent?”

Yule’s eyes went wide, and her jaw dropped to the ground when she saw that Jack stood before her. She could not believe her own eyes. Did she see wrongly? Was the person in front of her Jack? Too much of a coincidence!

“What the h*ll?”

The crowd gasped at the arrangement on the stage. Each of them had a strange look on their faces.

“The illegitimate trash of Nash White will fight against his own daughter. Heh! It’s interesting, isn’t it? Doesn’t this mean that the Brother will be competing against the Sister?”

Some people laughed sarcastically. They had never expected to witness such an episode today.

“Hahaha! That b*stard, I don’t think he is his sister’s opponent. Although Yule White is young, she is talented and a master! She’s only 17 or 18 years old but she has already reached the middle stage of a demi god status. Such martial skill and fighting prowess are similar to those so-called Gods of War. That illegitimate Jack is obviously not her opponent!”

Another person giggled with a playful tone. “I’m afraid that this time the Brother is going to lose to his sister!”

“What is this? Nash, don’t tell me you’ve arranged this? Heh! You’re quite smart, aren’t you? You actually make your daughter compete against your son in the second round. What a trick!”

Lily was stunned at the scene. She then said with a face of contempt, “I didn’t see that coming, and clearly didn’t expect such a dirty trick from the Head of the White family! You made this arrangement on purpose so that your son would win the tournament, am I right? Don’t you feel ashamed at all!”

“Dirty trick? What trick did I use?”

Nash’s face went dull and then reprimanded, “Lily, don’t talk bullsh*t if you have no evidence!”

“Oh? Do you think I don’t know what you were doing? In the first round, you had Yule and Beth protect your lovely son, so that he could enter the second round!”

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