No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1059

Lily sneered coldly. “I didn’t expect you to pull such a trick in the second round. You must have used some dirty tricks to mark the cards during the card drawing session so that your dear son would face your daughter in this round! The next step is even simpler, you’ll just have to ask your daughter to lose to Jack deliberately for Jack to enter the next round, are my guesses correct? Then he can eventually get into the top 50, am I right?”


Anger instantly welled up in his chest when Nash heard Lily’s claim. He never expected Lily to see him that way. He coughed harshly then only managed to spill some words out. “I didn’t!”

“Hmph! You didn’t? If you didn’t plan it, how can there be such a coincidence? Anyhow, I’d still want to see what’s up your sleeve next! How will you make your son the champion of this tournament!”

Lily snorted cold-heartedly and her face had become more and more unsightly.

“Madam, Nash didn’t do this, it’s really coincidental. You’ve known Nash for so many years, you know he is not that kind of person. He has always done things openly and honestly!”

Lizzie—who was standing aside—could not stand watching both of them argue, so she intervened to help Nash.

“Lizzie, just mind your own business, will ya? Is it because you think Jack is back with the White family and there’s a high chance for him to be the heir? Are you trying to befriend him so that he’ll take your side in the future? Hahaha! Don’t think that I don’t know what your little, tiny brain is plotting!”

Lily hissed unceremoniously. She did not see that coming. Lizzie, who had never been a talker nor an arguer dared to stand up and speak for Nash this time.

“Mrs. White, no, I—I’ve never thought of it that way. We’re a family, we shouldn’t fight. This round of the tournament must be coincidental…”

Lizzie had never wished to stir up trouble, though she disliked Lily in her heart quietly. Lily was a rather forceful and quick-tempered woman. This was why Lizzie had always shut her mouth up and even rarely stepped out of the house, hoping to live a quiet and peaceful life.

“Hmph! We’ll know soon if it’s staged or coincidental! Yule is already at the middle stage of the demi-god level. Hence if she loses to Jack this round, it must be on purpose! After all, we’re all martial artists with good eyesight; we definitely know which move is being done on purpose!”

Lily hummed frostily and left her last sentence.

Nash was deep in thoughts about Lily’s claim. He then wheeled his head, facing the First Elder, and asked in a careful tone, “First Elder, did you…did you arrange all this?”

Indeed, this seemed a little bit too coincidental for him to comprehend. He now had somewhat suspected that there could really be someone plotting this without him knowing.

The First Elder was rendered speechless for a few seconds and then replied in a calm voice, “Master White, it’s not like you don’t know what kind of person I am. How could it be possible for me to arrange all this?”

“Alright! Since you’ve said so, I trust you! That’s fine.”

Nash bobbed his head with a bitter smile hanging on his tired face.

At this moment, the tournament has already started. The other nine candidates had started fighting each other, except for Yule and Jack.

Yule and Jack were at stage number one; they were looking at each other with an awkward look plastered on their face.

“Brother Jack, I can’t believe that you’re my opponent! Sigh! I heard that you’re very talented. Well. Let me test that hearsay out!”

Yule halted to ponder for a few seconds, she then clenched her fist and said, “If you can’t even defeat me, you’d never get first place. After all, Sister Beth is a lot stronger than me! She’s already at the late stage of the demi-god level. Not to mention that Hudson and Martin have both signed up for this tournament; they’re both at the late stage of the demi-god realm as well. There’s a lot of others who are stronger than me. Therefore, even if I let you win on purpose this time, it’d be in vain!”

Few seconds of silence brushed through the air, Yule then continued, “But, well, even though my martial art status is not as high as theirs, I’m a powerful fighter with stronger determination compared to them. So, I actually have a little hope in winning them.” Yule felt proud of herself. “Anyway, you don’t have to worry about the Cryo Pearl. I’ve discussed this with Beth. The two of us, no matter who wins the first place, when the time comes, we’ll give you the Cryo Pearl!”

Jack suddenly felt a flicker of warmth inside his heart when he heard Yule’s words. “Thank you for your kindness. But, I better get first place, so that it’d be certain that I’ll get the Cryo Pearl!”

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