No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1060

“You get the first place? Are you serious? Do you know that I’m already at the intermediate stage of the demi-god level?”

Yule was puzzled at Jack’s exaggeration, wondering if she had heard him wrong. She was relatively young among the younger generation in the White family, and to be at such a level, she was considered a master among masters!

How could Jack be so confident with his own ability? Could it be that his martial art status and fighting prowess were even higher than hers?

“I know your martial art status, so I will hold back a little. After all, you’re my sister; I won’t hurt you!”

Jack gave Yule a faint smile. Though the smile was faint, it was radiant and sunny.

He could see that Yule was a kind-hearted person, although she might have been spoiled since young and had always carried a frightening yet noble aura, she was a young woman with a pure and simple heart.

“Hehe! Not bad at all! You take care of your sister!”

Yule returned with a wide and amiable grin. Near the corner of her mouth appeared a cute dimple.

After teasing Jack, Yule balled her fist firmly, stomped on her feet. She leaped toward Jack, yelling, “Brother Jack, I hope you won’t let me down!”

Just as Yule’s words fell, she had come before Jack. Her speed was not as fast as lighting, but rather like a phantom that no one was able to catch a sight of. Less than a second, she was right in front of Jack.

Jack clenched his fist as well when he saw Yule blasting toward him with a firmly balled fist.

The seemingly ordinary clash of fists between two humans emitted a terrifying loud bang and cast a powerful and forceful circular wave outward to the audience.

“What the!”

The radiant smile that was on Yule’s pretty face a moment ago soon faded into the thin air. What was soon dawned upon her face was shock and puzzlement.

The strength and power that erupted from Jack’s body were clearly way stronger than hers. Based on the strength she had felt from him, this man before him should at least be at the late stage of the demi-god level. Moreover, he seemed to belong to the top-notch category in the late stage of the demi-god level.

With Yule’s round and astonishment-filled eyes, she was blown away by the force and flew two to three meters backward before she stomped on the ground, halting, and stabilizing herself.

This was the first clash between the two, and to everyone’s surprise, it was Jack who had the upper hand.

“My God! Did you see that? That punk Jack had actually blasted Yule, the little master, away?”

In the stands, the crowd could not help but gasp aloud at the scene before them. They initially thought that Jack would soon be eliminated within seconds. They truly did not expect him to be so strong.

At this time, most of the battles on the other stages had already ended. Some were eliminated and some advanced into the next round. All of them were paying attention to the situation on the other stages.

And when they witnessed the clash between Yule and Jack, confusion and astonishment were written on their face. After all, Yule’s combat prowess was already at the demi-god level; how could an adopted son-in-law who had just returned from the secular world be stronger than her?

“That’s freaking awesome! Master White, Young Master Jack is so awesome, isn’t he? Haha! He is more powerful than I expected!”

In the viewing stand, Butler Titus’s eyes were immediately lit up as though he had seen something wonderful. “If Jack could win the first place and become the heir to the family head. We finally have a successor for the White!” Titus chortled warmly.

Nevertheless, just as he finished his words, he could feel a pair of burning eyes staring at him with malice and hatred.

If this gaze could kill, he had no doubt that he would have died a million times over.

A wave of fury crashed through Lily that she was almost choking on her rage. She glared at Titus with eyes full of hatred, and then she barked, “What do you mean by ‘finally have a successor for the White’? Is my son not a member of the White family? Isn’t he the son of Nash White? I watched the battle with my own naked eyes, and it was so fake! It was obvious that Yule went easy on that punk! You all must have discussed the strategy before the tournament started! Otherwise, it’s impossible for that punk to perform that way!”

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