No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1061

“Went easy on him?”

The First Elder could not bear to hear all those toxic words anymore. “First Madam, are you joking? It’s clear that the battle just now was serious; Yule did not go easy on Jack at all! That was a test attack, but Yule definitely did not go easy on Jack!”

The Third Elder—Wade White—sat aside, watching the commotion. He did not comment on anything, but somehow his forehead puckered.

It was because he saw the attack clearly with his own naked eyes. That attack did not seem like Yule was going easy on Jack deliberately.

“Could it be…could it be that this punk truly possesses the strength to get first place? Nash White has so much confidence in him.”

Wade’s face went dull and gloomy. It seemed like there was only one way for him to grab the position of the family head, which was to find a way to assassinate the First Elder and then murder Jack after Nash dies from the poison.

By that time, his martial level would be the highest and strongest in the White family, and if he says that he wanted to become the head of the White family, who would dare to disobey him?

At this moment, on top of the tournament stage number one, Yule charged toward Jack with her fist clenched once again. She was surprised, at the same time, felt humiliated when she was blasted away by Jack.

However, this time, there was a thin layer of light blue Chi wrapped around her clenched fist. Obviously, her attack was much stronger and more terrifying than before; she actually controlled her Chi to surround her fist to enhance her attack.

“It looks like I have underestimated you!”

When Yule came close to Jack, the corner of her mouth curled upward, and her fist lunged at Jack at a lighting speed.

Jack responded quickly with a gripped fist. He, too, can control the Chi in his body well, and within a second, a layer of light blue Chi embraced his fist.

Facing Yule’s attack, Jack balled his fist and blasted directly with Yule’s fist.

The sound of their clashing fist was so much louder than before, and the powerful impact blew Yule off the tournament stage.


Yule’s tongue was tied. She had not even used any martial arts technique and yet she was eliminated from the competition by Jack just like that? With only a punch?

When realization finally dawned upon her, she was already standing under the stage, outside the tournament ring.

“Thank you, Sister Yule! I’m sorry if I’ve harmed you. This is the only way for me to win this competition!”

Jack chuckled warmly, and then only he jumped down from the stage.

“There’s absolutely no faking in that punch just now! I didn’t expect that punk to be at the demi-god level!”

The Third Elder gasped, at the same time, released a huge sigh of defeat. “Furthermore, looking at the thickness and richness of the Chi of that punk, also his control over the Chi, I suspect that punk could already be at the late stage or even the peak stage of the demi-god realm!”

“No freaking way! Is he really that strong?”

Lily was somewhat speechless; she could not deny Jack’s strength. Jack’s ability to use Chi to attack had already shown that he was definitely a solid demi-god. That was something that could not be faked.

“Not bad, huh. You’re a lot stronger than me! Now I have faith in you to win first place!”

Yule approached Jack when she saw him jump down from the stage. “Now, go there and collect the rewards for the top 50! Five Chi Congregation Pills!” Yule said to Jack with a bitter smile on her face.

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