No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1062

“No freaking way! This punk defeated our stunning master Yule and got her eliminated from the tournament? Hehe! This competition is out of the ordinary, isn’t this exciting?”

In the viewing stands, one of the heads of the White branch family could not hold back but to laugh aloud.

“Yes, it’s indeed exciting and surprising! Jack was brought up and trained in a secular world, yet he possesses such skill and achievement! I wonder, at which level his martial art status is currently at now. It shouldn’t be weaker than any of the Whites!”

Another head of the White branch family chimed in.

The precious head of the White branch family then responded. “This shouldn’t be possible. We’re a great and prominent family in the hidden world, and Yule is from the White main family. She should have a better fighting technique and strategy. As for Jack, who defeated her, perhaps he has higher a martial art status, most probably he’s at the late stage of the demi-god level.

“Haha! In fact, I do hope that brat could win the position of the heir of the family head. After all, only such a person—who rises slowly from the mundane—will understand acquiring martial arts and improving fighting prowess is hella difficult. I think it might be better for him to be the heir than the high and almighty Lance. Lance is too proud, isn’t he?”

Another head of White’s branch family laughed out loud after giving some thoughts to the matter.

“Shush! Keep your voice down. You’ll be in big trouble if Lily overhears you! If that’s the case, the resource for enhancing martial art status for the branch family will be halved next month! That woman holds grudges for a long time!”

An old man who was standing beside the heads of White branch family reminded them in a panic tone.

The head of White’s branch family looked around, then whispered tensely, “We’re so far away though, it’s not possible for her to overhear us, right? Speaking of her, this time her son has disappeared for so long and still hasn’t been found, I guess he’s highly likely dead by now. Furthermore, the position of the heir to the family head is now going into others’ hands. I guess she must be infuriating and seething!”

“Of course, she is upset! But she deserves it, doesn’t she? She always looks down on people whenever and wherever she goes, especially members of the branches of the White family. We’re under her barbaric management all this while; she requests for top-notch quality resources for the enhancement of martial art status, and leaves us with only elementary and low-quality resources.”

The head of the White branch family released a huge sigh and said, “Sigh! We are only the members of the branch family. If the branch family members want to grow, the main family members have to evolve even more, hence it’s reasonable for us to hand all the good-quality resources to the main family so that they can be stronger. Otherwise, the White family wouldn’t achieve what we have today, the White wouldn’t be one of the Eight Shadow Families on this earth!”

“But, she is asking more and more every year, and I heard that the main person in charge of collecting these resources is the Third Elder. This Third Elder has a close relationship with the wicked First Madam, so I guess the request is ordered by the First Madam!”

The old man said with a stern tone.

At this time, Jack had claimed his five Chi Congregation Pills. He kept the five pills inside his martial ring, only then he returned to the victor’s team.

“Kiddo, you’re not that bad at all! You won again, and you’re actually at the demi-god level. How surprising!”

Suddenly, a man approached Jack with a sinister grin. It was Hudson—who had won the second round and got into the third round.

“I have to win. In order to get the Cryo Pearl, the only way is for me to win this tournament!”

Jack studied the person in front of him as he spoke in a calm tone.

“Haha! Did you all hear that? This punk has declared his intention of coming to the White family! He is eyeing on the Cryo Pearl! What does this say? It says that he wants to be number one!”

Hudson sneered sarcastically. He then turned to the crowd and uttered in a rough and loud voice, “Guys, if any of you face him in the future rounds, don’t go easy on him, okay? And even if you win against him, you’ve to cripple him. Otherwise, if we let this punk get the first place, we—the masters who were trained in the White family—would be embarrassed, and others will think that we’re weaklings!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll definitely make sure he is bedridden for months if he is ever my opponent in the next rounds!”

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