No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1064

Elaine—who was beside Selena—cast her a faint yet gentle smile, then she explained in a casual tone, “Sister Selena, everything on this earth has spirit, including trees, grasses, and so on. If the living things grow in a place where the spiritual energy is dense and rich, and is nourished by the spiritual energy for a very long time, these grasses or whatever will become spirited. They will start to absorb the spiritual energy around them.”

Selena nodded with confusion plastered on his face. “Everyone is really happy about this spirited grass. What does it do though? Are its benefits truly amazing?”

“Of course, it’s amazing! It’s arduous and hard to find spirited grass, which makes it extremely rare. These spirited grasses not only have to grow in a place with a high density of spiritual energy, but age is important, too. The older the age of the spirited grass, the rarer and the better it is!”

“Besides, we will look into their degree of richness of the spiritual energy in them and categorize them into grades accordingly. There’s a total of nine grades, the first grade is the lowest of quality and the ninth is the highest. Within its own grade, we further divide them into elementary, intermediate, and premium. These spirited grasses help us to enhance our martial art status and combat prowess faster than usual.”

Elaine smiled warmly and explained to Selena in a patient manner.

“Wow! If one has consumed enough spirited grass, does it mean that he could enhance his combat prowess and martial level faster and greater?”

Ben—who was beside Selena—could not help but exclaim aloud at Elaine’s explanation. His eyes lit up and were full of desire, as though he had found the love of his life.

A strong fighter, who did not want to become a strong existence? A strong fighter like Jack, he could kill dozens and even up to hundreds of men with just a wave of his palm.

In the past, Ben did not know of any of these, hence he naturally had no desire for martial prowess. Now that he had learned about all these, he naturally had the desire to become stronger.

The only way to protect his family was to become stronger. He was a grown-up; he did not want to be protected by Elaine all the time. He wanted to protect her too.

“That’s certain. But the speed of enhancing the martial art status depends heavily on the techniques used. The higher the level of technique, the faster you gain enhancement in your martial prowess!”

Elaine smiled, paused, and continued. “Well. It’s like a game; it’s always easy to gain enhancement in martial art status when you first start practicing it. And it grows harder and harder as you reach a higher level. When you reach the ninth-grade grandmaster level, it basically depends largely on your talent to breakthrough and go into the next level. But, for some people, they could not even reach the first-grade grandmaster level. Hence, it largely depends on a person’s talent, resources, and techniques. These are all inter-related!”

Selena was shocked upon hearing Elaine’s words. “It’s really not easy, isn’t it? Sigh! I wonder how my natural talent is in this area. Sigh! I don’t want to become a burden to Jack all the time and ask for his help.”

“Don’t worry, Sister Selena. I have faith in you. You’re definitely more talented than most of the people!”

Elaine chuckled. “Besides, when Brother Jack becomes the heir to the family head, he’ll surely give you some superb pills like Chi Congregation Pills to help you in improving your martial art status. You’re at the early stage, so it’d be fast for you to improve your martial art status, and even faster with all those pills and herbs!”

Selena bobbed her head cutely after thinking about what Elaine said. But she was quick to wonder about some questions. “This is strange though. These masters are already at a high level of martial art status, why are they still happy about the first-grade spiritual grass? Didn’t you just say that the ninth grade is the best? So, first-grade ones are not even that precious, right?

Ben was in the same confusion as Selena was. “Yeah, why are they happy over the first-grade spirited grass?”

Elaine returned with a bitter smile. “The grading system is what I heard from the older generation. It was passed down from generation to generation. But, in reality, even a third-grade spirited grass is extremely rare, not to mention a ninth grade. All these grasses are considered supreme treasures. Moreover, for a ninth-grade grandmaster martial artist or even a demi-god level artist, even a first-grade spirited grass could help them a lot!”

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