No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1065

Here, Elaine paused for a while before continuing, “That’s why a lot of people doubt if a third or fourth grade or higher-grade spirited grass even exists—because no one’s ever seen it before. Besides, there’s another legend that’s even more exciting. Who knows if it’s true!”

“What legend is this?”

Selena and Ben asked simultaneously.

Elaine smiled. “The highest status a chi warrior can attain as of now is to be at the peak of the true god status. It’s very difficult to improve once you’ve hit that stage since we don’t have any martial art skills that advance beyond that. Still, there’s a legend that says that it’s possible to achieve something even more—the ultimate god status.”

Elaine thought about it, then she looked at the siblings before him, utterly solemn. “According to the legends, you’ll be able to prolong your life when you hit the ultimate god status,” she said. “Apparently, you’ll be able to live until two hundred years-old!”

“No way!”

Selena and Ben took a sharp intake of breath, wondering if they had heard her wrong. If the legends were true, then someone of that status could live until they were two hundred years old. Who would not want something like that?

Besides, a person of the true god status was frightening enough. A person with the ultimate god status must be exceedingly strong.

“The competition has started. Let’s go watch. These are just legends; no one knows if they’re true. Heh. The eight shadow families are all trying to unearth this mystery. They’ve been to so many dangerous places, but they haven’t found a single clue even after so many years. That’s why I think it’s likely that all these legends are just legends!”

Elaine flashed a hapless smile. “If there really is an eighth or ninth-grade spirited grass existing out there, they must contain unimaginable amounts of chi. And it might just make my body explode in an instant. After all, there’s no way a body like mine can take in that much energy.”

At that moment, fifty contestants were left on the fighting stage. Only five would advance to the next round after the melee battle. It was evident that the competition was far fiercer than the previous melee.

After all, everyone who was still standing there were all strong fighters—at least seventh to ninth-grade grandmasters. Only fighters like that stood a chance to hold on until then.

“Heh. You won’t escape this time, Jack!”

Before the fight even began, Hudson already had his eyes pinned on Jack, arms folded across his chest, and a cold smile on his lips.

“Heh. I wasn’t planning on that!”

Jack could not help but gave a bitter smile. “You leave me with no choice then,” he said, “since you’re so eager to be eliminated!”

“Let the round begin!”

The Fourth Elder stood on the tip of her toes then flew off the stage. Then she announced in a clear voice.


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