No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1066

“Hmph!” Upon the sound indicating that the competition had begun, Hudson—who had achieved the final stage of his demi-god level power—balled his hand tightly. His fist emitted Chi as he rushed toward Jack.

“Not wasting a single second, huh?” Jack’s lips shifted into a smirk as he noted that ferocity in wanting to eliminate him, and his tightly clenched fist was covered with a thick layer of Chi.

All so suddenly, however, a beautiful figure appeared in front of him like a flash of lightning as they met Hudson’s punch with their own.

“Beth?” Jack dismissed the Chi covering his fist and was slightly surprised.

A powerful explosion could be heard as they both flew backward several meters due to the sheer force before they could regain their footing.

There was not much difference between their true powers.

“Beth White!” The enraged Hudson gave Beth a disgusted glare as he growled, “What’s the meaning of this? You want this illegitimate child who returned from the outside world to win this competition? Do you want every White here to lose their dignity? Haha…! How shameful would we be when news about this got spread outside? They’d say that masters like us can’t even compare to someone who returned from the outside world!”

Beth met Hudson’s glare. “I’m sorry Hudson, but there’s nothing shameful about this. In my opinion, Jack is a member of the White family, and more importantly, he’s also the White family master. Jack’s ability shows how powerful the White family’s younger generation is. He’s able to grow, even though he went to a place that didn’t have enough Chi. To me, that’s not a shameful thing. Instead, it’s a good thing and something worth showing off!”

“You…” Hudson was angry when he heard what Beth said, but he had no way of fighting back. “Haha… What you’re saying is a fallacy. I’m going to ask you this: Are you getting out of my way?”

“No!” answered Beth, no hesitation in the way she responded.

Beth then looked at Jack who was beside her and said. “Jack, this guy keeps pinpointing on you. I know that your fighting prowess isn’t bad, so why don’t we work together? We’d have one less competitor if we eliminate Hudson first.”

It was true that people like Hudson and Beth, who were at the last stage of the demi-god level, were rare among the younger masters in the White’s main family.

They were the ones that had the highest hope of winning the competition.

The only person who could surpass them was Lance as he had already surpassed the demi-god level capstone and was one step away from the first stage of the real god-level.

Still, there was a possibility Lance was dead after being missing for a couple of months. Under such circumstances, Hudson, Beth, and other prodigies were the ones with the highest hope of winning the competition and becoming the family master’s inheritor.

“Beth White, you’re really shameless! You actually want to work with this guy and get me eliminated?” Hudson’s face turned pale from anger after he heard what Beth said.

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