No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1067

After all, Jack had already eliminated Yule, who was also a strong fighter. Even though it was due to Yule’s carelessness, it proved that Jack was a rather remarkable fighter. Hudson had no confidence in winning if Jack and Beth worked together.

“Nash White, you’re still telling me that you didn’t arrange this? This is obviously your doing, and you’ve gone all out for your son!” Lily, who was on the observing platform, almost burst in anger. She looked at Nash angrily and seethed, “You asked Beth and Yule to protect your son during the first round, and you then cheated during the second round and asked Yule to purposely lose to Jack. Now, you’ve changed the third round into a group-fight and had Beth helping him. Haha… He’ll definitely be in the top five with your help, won’t he?”

“You’re really…really trying to make a scene!” Nash grew angry at that as he coughed, and he took a breather before he added, “You… You saw Jack’s Chi yourself—he’s achieved demi-god prowess. Could I have made that up too?”

“I… I don’t care about all that! Everything seems like it’s been set up to me!” Lily was anguished when her thoughts went to how her son was absent from this competition; he could have been the champion.

“I can’t help it if you want to think about it in that way!” Nash stopped entertaining Lily and ignored her.

However, his face immediately darkened when he saw the situation on the competition stage. He saw several White family disciples were moving in to surround Jack and Beth.

“Oh?” Lily’s mood instantly shifted for the better as she saw the scene as well, chuckling at the sight. “Haha…! I believe you’ve not anticipated this, Nash White. Although you’ve arranged for Beth to protect Jack and help him enter the next round, the other White family disciples don’t like him. So many well-versed prodigies want to eliminate that son of yours first!”

Lily let that sink before she added, “This is fate. Nothing would work even if you’ve already made arrangements when everything has been fated as such!”

Nash’s expression fell, but he still managed to say, “Say whatever you like, because I believe in Jack. I believe he’s capable of becoming the champion because he said he’d work hard for it.”

“Tsk, tsk! You’re still so confident under these circumstances. I wonder where your confidence comes from.” Lily had a smirk on her face before it slowly fell.

She discovered that Nash seemed to be in a better condition than before. The other day, Nash looked pale and still needed Titus to help him walk when they met at the bottom of the mountain. Today, he did not pant as much when he spoke, and his complexion seemed much better.

‘How peculiar. Could it be my imagination, or is he in his last hours?’ mumbled Lily to herself as that thought occurred to her. She grew increasingly suspicious.

Wade, who was by their sides, seemed to also feel that something was different. He looked at Nash and started to frown.

“Jack, we’re in trouble. They seem to be coming for you!” Beth’s facial expression darkened when she saw that the other prodigies like Martin and Liah moved forward and surrounded them.

Martin and Liah were like Hudson; all three of them were in their final stages of demi-god level prowess. Apart from them, there were three other masters who achieved mid-stage of the demi-god prowess. The strengths and weaknesses were very obvious when six of such masters surrounded and attacked them.

Jack was speechless as they were surrounded, and he glanced at Beth by reflex as he said, “Beth, we wouldn’t have attracted so many people over here if you didn’t come to help me. This many people are coming because you’re here with me!”

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