No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1068

What Jack said made Beth speechless.

Because of this, it fueled the other prodigies’ determination to eliminate Jack, thus they surrounded them.

The remaining others dared not come over when they saw how many powerful masters gathered at this side. They could only pick out those with lower combat prowess and try their best to eliminate those people.

“Haha… So, you’re siding with Jack, huh Beth? I’m sorry, but you seemed to have forgotten about me—I also want to eliminate this guy!

“After all, he’s obnoxiously haughty and said that he’s aiming to be the champion!” came the hoarse voice of Martin, a man with a towering stature, as he crossed his arms at his chest.

“We’re in trouble. There are so many of them!” Beth looked at Jack with a disconcerted expression.

“Haha… Don’t you worry. Since they want to take me out so badly, I’ll just have to eliminate them first!” Jack’s behavior was far from what Beth expected; he had an indifferent smile as he seemed undaunted.

“How can you still be in the mood to make jokes when we’re in this situation?” Beth rolled her eyes at Jack and felt that he was unreliable. They were up against six prodigies, and even the one with the weakest prowess was at the middle stage of demi-god level. Three of them had the cultivation of the last stage, yet Jack was shamelessly bragging!

“Haha! I’m not joking!” Jack laughed and curled one of his hands into a fist, and the Chi that came from his fist was much more than the last. Apart from that, his Chi was more condensed compared to those of the other masters.

“Be careful!” Martin warned the others. He was startled when he saw Jack disappearing in a flash.

Jack appeared in front of Hudson and swung his fist powerfully.

“He’s so fast!” Hudson was taken aback at how Jack singled him out first. Hudson, after all, was in the last stage of the demi-god level.

He knew that there was not enough time for him to perform his martial arts, thus he could only meet Jack’s punch with his own.

The moment he took Jack’s punch, Chi was discharged immensely, and his punch was covered with Chi.

“Hmph! So what if you’re light on your feet? I’m at the last stage of the demi-god level, and I don’t believe that I can’t defeat you!

‘Not only will I defeat you today, but I’ll also break your hands and legs. Madam would surely reward me handsomely at the sight of you being crippled. If I kill you, she might even give me a bounty of spirited grass!’ At the thought of the reward possibilities, Hudson’s eyes twinkled with craze as he threw his fist at Jack unreservedly.

However, a strong wave of energy surged through, and the collision between the daunting forces resulted in a humming sound from the interception of their fists.

Hudson, who was at the last stage of the demi-god level, flew outward like a kite severed from its string. He crashed onto the ground after he flew several tens of meters backward and landed outside the competition stage.

Blood was expelled from Hudson’s mouth upon impact, and his face immediately turned pale.

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