No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1069

“How…How’s that possible? How can I lose?” Hudson’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He did not believe that he would lose to the illegitimate child, the son-in-law who married into the wife’s family he looked down upon in front of so many people.

He had lost terribly under everyone’s gazes with just one punch. Hudson truly had lost his honor.

“What?!” Many people stopped fighting after they saw what had happened on the stage. Their mouths were wide open and their chins almost dropped to the floor.

Moreover, they never thought that Hudson—who had the highest possibility of winning the competition—would be eliminated by Jack with just one punch. It did not help that Hudson completely lost under the circumstances where both of them utilized their Chi.

They could say that Yule deliberately threw the competition away and let Jack win because they were siblings.

However, they did not feel that Hudson would purposely lose out on the competition.

“What?!” People like the First and Second Elder also stood up from the observation stage in surprise. The force behind Jack’s punch had already reached the highest stage of the demi-god level; he would not have blown Hudson down the stage so easily had he not.

“How’s this possible?” The faces of the Third Elder and Lily darkened after they glanced at each other. Only Lance could have displayed such an attack as Jack’s.

“That’s amazing! Brother-in-law is amazingly strong. Haha! He truly is a one-of-a-kind master!” Ben could barely fight back his grin as he turned to Selena and teased, “Sister, I really admire your insight. You hit the jackpot, scoring a man like him!”

Ben still managed to find a way to jest with her sister. “By the way, Sister, did you realize how different Brother-in-law was on the night of your wedding that you had a child with him?”

Selena rolled her eyes at Ben by reflex. “Do you think that I have special eyesight? How’d I know he’s the young master of the White family? Also, how’d I know that he’d become such a formidable person after being on the battlefield for five years?!”

She glanced at Jack who was on the competition stage and spoke abashedly, “Still, you got a point… I truly have hit the jackpot with him.”

“Definitely! You really have good insight!” beamed Ben. “Of course, my sister is just as outstanding. Both of you can be considered as a match made in heaven!”

“Tsk, tsk! And when have you become such a sweet-talker, huh?” Selena could barely hold back her chuckle.


“That young man seems so different!” Masters and elders from the branch families were also stunned. Many of them even stood up in shock.

“F*ck, it looks like this Jack guy might just be this competition’s champion!” gushed an old man. “Master! He’s a master, no doubt! It must’ve been difficult for him to reach this step as he didn’t have such conditions as the other masters from the White’s main family!”

“Yes, and I never saw it coming that he’d take down Hudson first—that master! This looks very interesting!” another family master said emotionally.

“You five are next!” Jack smiled and said to the remaining five.

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