No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1071

All of a sudden, Jack let out a loud roar as he balled his hands into fists. Chi surged from his fists as Jack bent his knees and threw his punch.

The group of five had just appeared before Jack, aiming toward him when he threw his punch.

They initially thought that their attacks, when combined, would overpower Jack, making him lose.

That was what they believed until they saw wave after wave before them. These waves were illusions that rushed toward them from Jack’s fists without relief. The waves merged and became an invisible yet strong impact!

A loud blast could be heard and the strong power blew all five people away. They banged into the stone slabs under the competition stage like kites with broken strings.

All five prodigies helplessly vomited blood still mid-air, flying from Jack’s attack.

They vomited blood again when they crashed to the ground. They laid on the floor and felt as if their body was going to break.

“How’s this possible?!” The eyes of Martin and the others were filled with disbelief. They could not believe that they could not topple Jack, even as all five of them joined forces. The guy in front of them was incredibly powerful.

“What martial skill is this?!” The First Elder, who was on the observation stage, stood up. His eyes lit up and seemed excited. “That’s no simple martial skill and definitely isn’t a first-grade martial skill. It looks like a second-grade martial skill!”

Titus, who was by the First Elder’s side, chimed in, “Above all, that’s a rare martial skill capable of attacking a group of people simultaneously. If it has such good effects when it’s being used by a demi-god-level martial artist, the attack power when it’s being used by a real god-level martial artist would be far more terrifying!”

“That’s right! If a real god-level martial artist uses this martial skill, the skill can attack externally. It’s terrifying when you think about how a big wave shoots outward!” Nash was pleased as well. That martial skill was not only a high-level skill, but it was also a skill that could carry out group attacks, and not everyone knew of it. Nobody knew that Jack had such a great martial skill.

“Im… Impossible!” Lily’s smile disappeared, replaced by the look of shock.

She could not believe that masters like Hudson and Liah, who had the possibility of becoming the champion, would also be eliminated by Jack.

If this was the case, there was no doubt about the champion position as some of the people left on the competition stage were not as strong as Hudson and the others.

“Haha! You truly didn’t let me down!” Nash, who was beside Lily, was overjoyed at the outcome. “This is my son—the son of Nash White!”

Lily shot Nash a glare, so furious that sounds of bones cracking could be heard from her tightly balled fists.

She never expected that this illegitimate child would have such impressive talents and combat ability.

“This is great! The other masters should be convinced with such a person being their family master’s heir!” Many of the branch families’ masters thought about it before speaking in extreme shock.

The competition truly exceeded their expectations. The people that they thought had the ability to fight were all eliminated. Instead, Young Master Jack, the illegitimate child who grew up in the outside world and the one they had just met, excelled in the competition.

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